Monday, March 9, 2009

39 Clues- A new series from Scholastic!

Scholastic has come up will an ingenius new series for young people. Their concept combines all the media that attract youth today: the internet and computer gaming, collector cards, and a series of adventurous, suspenseful books written by favourite children's book authors. They have also included the added incentive of $100 000 in prizes. Essentially this is a mystery adventure which includes a hunt for clues. The game includes deciphering codes, playing games of skill and wit while discovering places around the world and and tid bits of history. The whole process involves reading and research and FUN!
If you are looking for an adventure for your children ages 8 - 12 (or to adult as the case may be) you should checkout this link: and purchase the first three books of the series and the card pack at , look for them in your local bookstore, or at your favourite online book seller!

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