Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Painful Process!!

I know I'm harping on my house sale saga but the frustration is starting to threaten my very sanity! If you read my story this morning you know we had a house showing Monday night. Two hours they spent in our house so we suspected they must have been very interested but heard nothing. Our realtor told us yesterday that their realtor called saying they were interested and he would call in a day or two. Last night they wanted to know our monthly utility costs so we thought an offer was coming. This morning we get a call from their realtor wanting to set up a second showing for tomorrow night!!

Talk about prolonging this process and still no offer so are they interested or not?? Each day seems like an eternity of scrubbing and cleaning, stress and headaches. I'm fearful of a truly low- ball offer we will be forced to turn down knowing this may mean a long wait to sell! Maybe they won't even make an offer which would burn my butt after all the hassles. Well, maybe just maybe we will have good news after tomorrow night!

If my posts seem muddled and sporadic I apologize now. I'm finding my concentration and focus non-existent lately. My head is spinning and my thoughts muddy!

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Everyday Beauty ~ Everyday Minerals!

With skin like mine makeup seems a true essential to my feelings of self-confidence and well being. That being said, I have always hated heavy goopy liquids, and drying, talcy powders layering my face. I am a natural girl by heart--if only my skin would cooperate! Now I’ve discovered the beauty and health of mineral makeup and for the first time I actually feel good about applying makeup! I am exploring great mineral makeup companies including the wonderfully playful Everyday Minerals, an amazing company which offers high quality vegan, animal cruelty-free mineral products at an everyday price we can all afford!

Though I have yet to try Everyday Minerals’ concealer and foundation I know I will be ordering them in the near future. Love letters from customers rave about the exceptional coverage these bismuth free products provide even for rosacea sufferers. As an acne sufferer myself with scarring finding the perfect coverage without the caking and clogging effect is a necessity. I want to have fun with makeup! I don't want to worry about whether it will camouflage but rather take coverage for granted and then enjoy playing with colour!

I believe anyone with a skin condition knows how absolutely important it is to find products which promote skin health rather than douse it with chemicals. Everyday minerals has a long list of no’s:
No Petrochemicals - No Mineral Oil - No Silicones -
No Parabens - No Propylene Glycol - No Carmine -
No Retinol/AHAs - No Synthetic Lake Dyes - No Alcohol -
No Animal-by-products - No Animal Testing -
No Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)
But it’s Yes to natural ingredients, Yes to health and environment, and Yes to value and style!

I received for review two fun and shimmery eye colours and two chic cheek colours I love! One of the things I adore about mineral makeup is the matte yet youthful glow it seems to bring my appearance. Spring has sprung!

The sparkle of Everyday Mineral eye colours is youthful but not childish. I was sent Hot Chocolate, a warm, light neutral with a pearly glow perfect for brightening and highlighting my eyes. I also treated to Smokey Pink which is almost a mauve pink and is dark enough to accentuate your eyes by applying it to the crease above the eyelid and the outer corner of the eyes. Finely ground and pearlized Everyday Minerals eye colours create sexy, flirty eyes without a cakey and heavy residue.

I have learned since experimenting with mineral makeup that I am not as limited to one cheek colour as I used to believe. I was always fearful of certain tints of cheek colour, too pink I’m too childish and too deep a tone creates too harsh an appearance, right? Well Everyday Minerals sent me two very distinct colours and I was skeptical at first glance. Bollywood, a very pink hued number and Sprung which was a far deeper colour I feared would make me look severe. Of course a review must be based on trial! My concern was unfounded because I was surprised to discover I was pleased with the different looks these colours helped me to achieve. Sprung instead of making me look severe and harsh was dramatic , sophisticated, and seductive while Bollywood produced a fresh and youthful look.

Everyday Minerals cheek colour comes in a great stack able, pancake container with a revolving cover to help contain the powder so it does not spray out each time you remove the lid. Their packaging is simple and clean just like the makeup they contain!

Everyday Minerals offers a plethora of colour choices and also sells skincare. A great perk is Everyday Minerals’ Try me Free option and their Fan Club provides customers with great deals and promotions!

Treat your skin everyday with Everyday Minerals! Northern Mama readers will have a chance to adorn her cheeks with graceful layers of coral shimmer and win a full sized Everyday Minerals blush in Truly Tiger one of their newest spring collection colours!

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Winner Congrats!!

Harumika Winner:

Congratulations edmontonjb! You won a Harumika Starter Set.
The Royale Renocation Winner:

A great win for silverneon2000. You will be receiving two $50 gift certificates you're going to love!!

Sorry I took a Hiatus this weekend!

I know I;m behind and I know I've been away for a while but life happened! Last week I was substitute teaching more than usual, the weekend brought with it two days of dance competitions {my girls were great by the way, if I do say so myself}, then Monday it was the house showing from hell! Okay, maybe not hell because who knows they may still actually make an offer on the house {and yes I am knocking on wood as I type}.

Ever feel like you are trapped in a revolving door that won't stop spinning? That would seem to describe my state of mind. I have friends who had to wait what seemed like an eternity for their homes to sell so they could transfer for work but I obviously have less patience. Our house has been listed for a week with only one showing so far. We've known since the fall that we had a spring transfer so I suppose that makes it seem far longer.

A Monday night showing seemed ideal! We had to take my youngest to her dance lessons anyway and we thought we'd bring the dog and walk her while my daughter was in class, stop at the corner store for a treat and then leisurely drive home. I mean how long could they take? A half an hour at most? The showing was schedules for 7:00 pm and we arrived home around 7:45 only to find the vehicles still there so off we drove to the local school playground. The night had turned cold and unlike most days when the kids would have been thrilled to be on the playground they were all shivers and sat in the van to keep warm. To make an already long story short, The showing lasted until 8:45. An hour and 45 minutes {and no our house is not a huge estate}! We hoped this was a sign of extreme interest but when we heard nothing the next morning our hopes waned.

When we called our realtor to see if he could find our if there were comments he was in a meeting but took our call to tell us that they were keenly interested and he was expecting a call from their realtor within the next two days. These people are obviously not the jump into things type! Last night our realtor calls to say they are at least interested enough to ask about all the utility costs and to forward those on to his office. Again we heard nothing more but it seems these people can't do more than one thing per night so this could be it, tonight could be offer night, or maybe ....nothing! It's torturous knowing someone truly wants your house but is waffling. My fear is they will continue to prolong things by wanting a second showing and then make no offer!

When we returned home on Monday night I noticed the throw pillows on my couch had been tossed around it and the window seat cushion had been moved. I know they have a little one and I thought no harm done but the next day when working outside I realized they had tried opening the attic space of the garage. The opening was not entirely closed as it usually is and the dry wall cover had been cracked. One of my planters had also been dug up, the plants and dirt tossed back in! It was like the three bears coming home after Goldilocks' break-and-enter! Now, any of my friends will tell you that I am not an uptight individual and I have a very easy going personality typically but I was disturbed. I was disturbed not only by the unusually invasive nature of it all but by the fact that no one left a note perhaps to apologize for these damages {no matter how minor} and offer to pay for them if need be!

I have yet to say anything however because I can not afford to jeopardize the possibility of an eminent offer! I'm so afraid to hope for one....

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Reserveage Winner

Congratulations Huguette E! I will be emailing you soon!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Barbara Coloroso knows "Kids Are Worth It!"

When my husband and I became parents my mom offered advice only when asked. She knew it is often intimidating and stressful to be fed unsolicited advice which can sometimes seem like criticism. As new parents you can feel green, and knowing what decisions to make can be daunting. Parenting is not an easy path to navigate and there is no map but there are tools to help you orient yourself. My mom--who I am sure often bit her tongue knowing sometimes I needed to find my own compass--did offer us a useful tool. One day my husband and I received a parcel. Enclosed, Barbara Coloroso’s book “Kids are worth it!” with the inscription “Dear Angela and Tom, I hope this book will be a practical and useful guide as you begin the challenging task of raising children. Love Mom”

I suspect I am not the only one who has been graciously offered a copy of this #1 Bestseller over the last decade as Barbara Coloroso says:

"My parenting has come full circle. My children are raising their own children. Regularly I meet or hear from parents who received a well-worn copy of the first edition of "kids are worth it!" from their parents, sunts, uncles, friends or in some cases grandparents. These young parents' concerns were our concerns a generation ago--slightly different wrapping but the same substance."

Thanks to my sister and myself, my mom knows as well as any parent how challenging raising children can be and though my mom would never say she was a good parent I strongly believe she was and is. As a teacher her theory was the same as Barbara Coloroso’s, Kids are worth it, worth the challenge and the headaches! April 1st, 2010 this international bestseller is being released with a new introduction, updated copy, and a new vibrant cover for a new generation of parents!

In her book Coloroso describes three family philosophies: the rigid entirely parent controlled Brick-Wall family, the weak, unstructured jellyfish family, and the firm and structured yet flexible and functional backbone family. My parents were for the most part examples of those with Barbara Coloroso’s backbone parenting philosophy {although they occassionally reverted to the brick-wall philosophy in my younger years}. Especially in later years my parents learned that structure also requires flexibility, negotiation, and a sharing of control through mutual respect.

I am not a self-help book fan. I don’t tend to look to books as solutions for my own personal everyday situations and experiences, but practical guides offering solid advice and the wisdom-- only extensive experience can nurture--are a godsend when struggling with parenting issues. Over the years Barbara has been there for me as I surveyed “Kids are Worth It!” not for answers so much as guidelines, rules of thumb to help me govern my own parenting path, and for examples and anecdotes from a woman with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

From toilet training and bedtime, chores and sibling rivalry, to drug abuse issues and suicide Barbara Coloroso has shared her philosophies for well over thirty years. Demonstrating how to raise self-assured, responsible, and loving children by allowing children to make their own decisions whenever possible, by teaching them to take ownership of their feelings, problems, and natural consequences to progress toward self-discipline. Coloroso has a background in sociology, special education, philosophy and theology but most importantly she is also a teacher and a mother of three grown children herself. She has been there herself and then revisited there thousands of times over as she counseled others through their parenting nightmares and dilemmas.

Admittedly, as time has passed our copy of "Kids are worth it!" was relegated to a dusty bookcase and as I revisit it now I am again stashing it in my bedside table for reference! I now find myself flipping around the book nodding my head at familiar anecdotes and filing away tips and snippets I will be retrieving daily as new parenting experiences abound. First published in 1994 and republished by Penguin in 1999, Penguin is now republishing this enduring book again in 2010 proving Coloroso's strategies and philosophies timeless! I do not recommend parenting books lightly. I do recommend stashing this one in your bedside table for quick reference!

Barbara Coloroso does not believe there are parenting experts, she knows how individual an experience it can be but if anyone comes even close to being an expert she does! Kids are worth it! Promotes a parenting style, a style which acts proactively to prevent problems and provides parents with the tools to develop a backbone--a living, supportive yet flexible structure which holds a family together!

“The backbone family provides the consistency, firmness, and fairness as well as the calm and peaceful structure needed for children to flesh out their own sense of true self. Rather than being subjected to power expressed as control and growing up to control others, children are empowered and grow up to pass what they have learned of the potential of the human spirit on to others.” (Coloroso 1999: 51)

Northern Mama readers will have the opportunity to experience the parenting wisdom and advice of Barbara Coloroso ! Penguin Canada is giving away three copies here at Northern Mama!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Winner of 2 Drop Guard Baby Bottles

Congrats! Randa @ The Bewitchin' Kitchen! I will email you soon.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Winners! I have not forgotten you:)

Alvin and the Chipettes DVD:

Congratulations to the Alvin and the Chipettes winners MissCrabbyPants and Gingermommy!!

Crest and Oral-B Sensitivity Bundle:

Congratulations MissCrabbypants, you've won the Crest and Oral-B Sensitivity Bundle giveaway!!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Nascar:

Tannie's Chatter, couponmom and Fredamans you have all won copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul Nascar! Congrats!

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Sunlight Green Clean! ~ No Compromises!

With three children actively wading through knee high puddles, sliding into base, and running the playground circuit--mud be damned--I struggle to find a green laundry detergent that meets all my needs. I have used many eco-friendly, green detergents over the last several years. Some have stood up well but others have fizzled under the pressure of meeting the challenges of my children! To be perfectly frank, I am a scent person. I love a fresh inviting scent. That waft of lavenders, citrus, or floral is the brightness in one's day of household drudgery. Sunlight Green Clean has proven that green doesn’t have to mean scentless and dull! And it has also proven what I’ve known for sometime now, green is effective and efficient!

I am a cold water washer! Whenever I know I can get away with washing in cold it is all I do. I know washing in cold saves energy which is both cost effective and environmentally responsible but finding a green cleaner that works well in cold water can be problematic. When I lifted my free review bottle of Sunlight from its box I was intrigued. Not only is it unbelievably concentrated, requiring very little detergent per load, but the bottle states it works in cold water! I was ecstatic! Upon opening the lid my olfactory sense was met with the awakening and fresh scent of citrus and I knew then that I would be won over…so long as Sunlight Green Clean could pass the ultimate test: cleaning the soiled clothing of my ragtag crew!

Sunlight Green Clean’s rays of light shone through my testing. My family's clothes came out clean and smelling fresh. It is amazing that such a tiny small bottle can literally handle the same 32 loads as the larger leading brand bottle of green detergent that currently sits alongside it on my laundry room shelf. No compromises! But don’t take just my word for it. Sunlight Green Clean was voted Best New Product of 2010 by Canadian Living Canadian Consumer polls! Why? Because consumers do not have to compromise clean clothes for a clean environment. Sunlight Green Clean uses plant-based ingredients, is chlorine free, and biodegradable. Using it in cold water makes this detergent more energy-efficient and--with less packaging and a cleaner production process--Sunlight is working to create the best eco-friendly product it can and the most effective.

Concern for the environment is not a new concept for Sunlight. In 2006 Sunlight launched Sunlight Small and Mighty as the first national three times concentrated laundry detergent. In 2007 Sunlight began the Sunlight Eco-Action Kids Awards to support the environmental contributions of young people to their communities. Sunlight has made a commitment to environment which allows individual consumers to do the same.

I love the scent, I love the clean, I love my environment friendly wash! And so can you! Get a $2.00 coupon from Sunlight but even better Sunlight would like one Canadian Northern Mama reader to receive a year supply of Sunlight Green Clean! WOW!To Enter:
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Omega-3 Effervescent

It can be hard with our busy lifestyles to eat all of the foods we need to be healthy. One of the hardest foods for me and my family to find the time to eat is fish! For one thing, my kids don't like it, and for another, it can be very expensive and time consuming to make. Perhaps that is why my grandmother always took her cod liver oil capsules. I can remember as a child trying these horrible tasting pills. The taste would continue to come back up into my throat hours after having swallowed them. "YUCK" I didn't realize it then, but now I know that Cod Liver Oil contains omega-3 Fatty Acids that are extremely important to my health.

Our bodies can not make Omega-3 fatty acids on it's own. They need to be consumed and there are very few sources we can get them from: cold water fish, some nuts, olive oil, beans, green leafy vegetables, and flaxseed. As you can imagine most of us do not get the necessary amounts of omega -3 fatty acids in our diets and therefore should be supplemented. (Effervescents are an effective way to take supplements as studies show that they are more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and are not as hard on the stomach as pills.) The health benefits from these include but are not limited to the following:

  • heart support (may help lower blood pressure and triglycerides)

  • memory and brain support

  • bone and joint support

  • supports vision

  • They are also an anti-inflammatory and may therefore reduce inflammation and inflammatory diseases.

Since it is hard to get Omega-3's in my diet and I do not like taking Cod Liver Oil Capsules, The Vitamin Shoppe agreed to let me try Nordic Naturals, Omega-3 Effervescent supplement also referred to as "Fish Soda". It is a powder that you mix with 4-8 ounces of water to drink. I admit I was very skeptical at first, that is until I tried it! I was afraid that it would smell and taste like those cod liver oil capsules of my childhood, but it didn't. My husband and I both really enjoyed the creamy orange flavor!

The Vitamin Shoppe would like to give 5 Northern Mama Readers a chance to try out Nordic Naturals, Omega-3 effervescent supplement! (2-3 individual serving packets)

To Enter:

Simply tell me what your favorite fish is! ( please remember to leave a way to be contacted if you are not a blogger)

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Review By Nikki

Veggie Tales Winner!

Congrats to our Veggie Tales Pistachio winner Pixie13!!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nick Jr. Characters Go Green!

Earth Day is fast approaching and though more and more adults and older children alike may already have plans for green acts and may finally be comprehending the significance of not only this day but the environmental impact of every day of the year, we need to also understand the importance of teaching youth children as early as possible the way to live a earth-friendly, green lifestyle.

Nickelodeon strives to help the parents of preschoolers with this momentous endeavour by bringing favourite Nick Jr. characters together in a green themed, Earth Day inspired DVD complete with eco-friendly packaging and over two hours of environment oriented episodes. Released March 30th Go Green! includes the ever environmentally vigilant Dora and her cousin Diego, the lovable Wonder Pets, as well as Yo Gabba Gabba, Blue's Clues abd Ni Hao, Kia-lan. Action packed and diverse the episodes on this DVD cover environmental topics from saving endangered animals to trees and learning how to care for plants and animals to recycling and reusing unwanted things.

Episodes You'll find on Go Green!:

Dora the Explorer Bugga Bugga~ Dora and Boots discover Mama Bugga Bugga struggling to bring home a giant cookie to her 10 bugga bugga babies. Can Mama Bugga Bugga make it home passed bug eating flowers and lurking spiders in a maze of spider webs, with the help of Dora and Boots?
Though this would not be my first choice of Dora episode for Go Green! it does explore difficult survival and the intricacies of ecosystems to some extent.

Go, Diego, Go! Manatee's Mermaid Rescue!~ A storybook adventure, this Diego episode finds Manatee and Diego delving into a fairy tale Mermaid city rescuing mermaids and the city itself. An allegory for the true reality of endangered manatees and the destruction of environment. The clever play on the manatees' similarity to the imaginary mermaid was a hit with my youngest!

The Wonder Pets! Save the Tree/Save the Elephant~ The Wonder Pets get a call to save a lonely tree alone in a city lot and an elephant in Kenya stuck in the mud.

Yo Gabba Gabba! Green~The Gabba Gang go green learning to care for the plants and animals and clean up the world around them. Lessons in recycling, picking up trash and refraining from littering are taught through featured songs.

Blue's Clues: What Does Blue Want to Make out of Recycled Things?~ Blue has a great idea when he and Steve are cleaning. Steve begins throwing things away but Blue knows the value of reusing old things and soon viewers are playing Blue's Clues as they sort recycling, choose projects to make and visit Recycle Town.

Ni Hao, Kai-lan~The Place Where We All Live~ Kai-lan and her friends learn the world is a place where we all must live together. After littering they discover their thoughtlessness has caused a big problem for others. The ants, worms, and snails building a fruit stand in ant city are hindered by trash. Who will clean it all up? Your kids can help Kai-lan and her friends!

It is important for children to Understand their part in creating a healthy environment and this DVD is a great start! In honour of Earth Day Northern Mama is giving away a copy of this Go Green DVD!
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Friday, April 16, 2010

City of Night Winner!

Congratulations to Michelle B. ! Michelle B. has won a copy of City of Night! I will contact you this weekend for your info.

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Swan Thieves Winners!

Belated posted winners! Sorry, I've been a bit behind posting the winners but there are many!
The five Swan Thieves winners are...Marilyn (A Lot of Loves), Kelsey, edmontonjb, Tannie's Chatter and because number 24 was a repeat I also randomly selected #44 Debbie!

Congrats and I will be contacting you this weekend via email.

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Blast into Spring ~ Green Blaster!

Spring in my neck of the woods has sprung and then "un-sprung"! A week ago I was blogging at my deck table about the return of geese from their winter sojourn and yesterday I was staring out the window with chagrin at the flurry of snow I beheld. I'm not letting the tentative nature of early spring dampen my Spring spirit. The comforting renewal of spring cleaning is a nesting instinct many of us experience. The refreshing de-cluttering and the scrubbing, polishing, and shining of surfaces to a high sparkle can mark the commencing spring. Before the sprouting of green shoots from the flowerbeds, before the greening of the grass clean and green your home in preparation for spring with Green Blaster products!

As the name implies Green Blaster products are ecologically friendly, safe for your whole family and blast grime with surprising power. Without bleach, harsh chemicals, oxidizers, and toxic fumes Green Blaster harnesses the power of nature cleaning with non-toxic, all-natural enzymes! I am a strong believer in green cleaning products and though you can take the time to mix your own everyday ingredients, vinegar, baking soda and the like are not always the most effective nor the most pleasantly scented. I have tried various department store green brands. Some are effective, some less than aggressive on dirt, grease and grime. I find the lack of scent in some disappointing.

Green Blaster Minty Bathroom Cleaner was truly aggressive and--bonus--it smells delightfully minty without the nasal insult of strong chemical scents. I felt entirely satisfied! Spring cleaning this year has taken on a whole new dimension as we prepare our home for sale. Cleaning for house showings is an essential and my large 1 quart reusable spray bottle of Green Blaster Bathroom Cleaner is quickly dwindling because I am constantly reaching for it to clean every surface! This product is so versatile you can even use it on windows and mirrors, from glass to tile this green cleanser tackles it all. I was impressed from the first spray! I found Green Blaster left less streaks on mirrors and windows and it worked in my frustratingly difficult to clean shower better than most {of course I don’t think anything tackles our shower without combining it with a great deal of elbow grease}.

The second product Green Blaster sent me free to try was a quart of All Natural Stain & Spot Remover. I have tested using this on a mattress stain, small stains on two throw pillows and on my couch. Now I don’t tend to trust most spot cleaners/stain removers. I have often encountered one of two results. Either the stain remover just doesn’t work at all or it leaves a terrible “bleached” area where a stain once was. Green Blaster All Natural Stain & Spot Remover was actually more effective than I anticipated. It removed my pillow and couch stains with ease. As for the very stubborn mattress stain, All Natural Stain & Spot Remover managed to minimize it--though not completely remove it--better than the harsh chemical laden stain removers I had tried previously. I have a feeling with a few more applications the stain may dwindle even farther. As with other stain removers the company suggests you spot check first for colourfastness but I experienced no issues. It’s simple to use and can be used on virtually any surface from fabric to stone!

Green Blaster carries a multitude of cleaning products from $7.99. The quart sprayers are $9.99 and these large bottles really last!

Eager to give Green Blaster a go? One Northern Mama reader will receive their choice of $15 worth of Green Blaster products.
To Enter:
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  • non-bloggers leave your email address with your comment.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Winner of Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right!

Congratulations Matt, Kara, Hunter, and Cavan! I hope you enjoy this wonderful book!
Nikki! I will email you soon for your information.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ReserveAge Organics Youthful Vitality Give Away and Review

" Anti-Aging's biggest breakthrough"

Do you want to turn back the clock and be younger again? Although this is not possible, as we are all destined to get older, scientists and doctors now believe that we can slow down this aging bus we are all on with Resveratrol. It is said to have anti-aging properties, a hot subject that has been in the media for some time now. You've seen it on such shows as Oprah, 60 min's, CNN, Fox news, and read about it in the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine, to name a few.

For those of you that do not know what Resveratrol is I will tell you: it is a polyphenol(antioxidant) that can be found in the skin, seeds, and stems of grapes. It is this part of Red Wine that improves cellular function and longevity. It is also what is believed to be the answer to the French Paradox (the fact that the French have low levels of heart disease despite the fact that their diets are high in fat).

While most of us know that antioxidants are important to our health many of us do not know why. Antioxidants are molecules that slow down or prevent oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation can cause free radicals that damage cells, the antioxidants prevent this from happening and can therefore help to prevent heart disease, visible signs of aging (like wrinkles), and a deteriorated immune system. They can also help increase energy levels, and can aid us in weight loss.

Reserveage Organics uses Resveratrol and Trans-Resveratrol ( the active, potent form of Resveratrol )in their products providing the benefits associated with antioxidants. However, Trans-Resveratrol is the only antioxidant that can trigger the SIRT1 'longevity gene.' This is the gene that defends us against age related problems and diseases.

There are a multitude of Resveratol products on the market and it makes it very confusing to decide which ones to buy. They range in not only price but quantity and quality as well. Not all Resveratrol products are the same and if you don't read the fine print you may find out that what you bought is not what you thought it was. With Reserveage you know what you are getting: A certified organic product grown in a southern France certified organic vineyard. (Organic foods contain up to 40% more antioxidants than non-organic). Reserveage also guarantees that all of their Resveratrol products provide the clinically recommended dosage of bioactive trans-Resveratrol. Reserveage is a green company committed to the environment, using vegetable based inks to print on recyclable material. They are also cruelty and animal- testing free, using vegetarian capsules.

So with this information in mind I recently tried out 2 of Reserveage products, Resveratrol 250mg, and Collagen Booster (with hyaluronic acid and resveratrol).

Resveratrol 250mg is designed at the optimal potency levels and gives it's users the most benefits and protection that any antioxidant can provide. Who could benefit from taking this? Well, quite frankly, anyone! Both men and women alike can reap the benefits ranging from improving cardiovascular health, reducing blood sugar levels, to supporting eye and brain function. And, as we all know, if your body if functioning at its optimized levels and we are healthy then we feel younger and live longer naturally.

Resveratrol 250..." helps to fortify your cellular structure and works to turn back the clock on your appearance." ...It is... "Your ultimate defense against premature aging, Resveratrol 250 helps you harness the health benefits of red wine without the adverse effects."

The collagen booster has both Resveratrol and Hyaluronic Acid. It is designed to help boost your collagen production as it unfortunately declines in our bodies as we age. It may help to reduce the visible signs of aging such as rough, wrinkled, sagging skin, by both moisturizing and increasing our skin's elasticity and firmness. I would imagine that women everywhere could benefit by using this product.

"To encourage collagen production, BioCell Collagen II, a triad of real collagen protein, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, are included to reveal soft, smooth, silky skin."

Although I do not believe in a miracle, fountain of youth, pill. (Because if one existed everyone would want it and not many of us would be able to afford it, I'm sure!) I do believe that these products have multiple health benefits! I have only been taking these products for 2 weeks and I have already noticed an increase in my energy levels and feel that my skin is both moister and softer than usual. Above all I have faith that the Resveratol in the products is working behind the scenes in my body to promote a healthier me! Who knows, maybe I will live longer?
*(All quotes were taken from pamphlets distributed to me from Reserveage Organics)

Reserveage Organics wants to give one Northern Mama reader a chance to look and feel younger again by winning a package from them worth approximately $200.00. The giveaway package will include 4 bottles of supplements containing the well publicised Resveratrol. ( Resveratrol 100mg, Resveratrol 250mg, Resveratrol 500mg and Collagen Booster). In addition, you will receive a bottle of wine from their Vineyard!

To enter: visit Reserveage Organics web site and tell me something you learned about their products that I did not mention in my review. (REQUIRED)

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Review By Nikki (I received both of these products to review for free from Reserveage)

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Backyardigans Escape from the Tower~ Now Available!

The Backyardigans has been a favourite in our family! It was the Snow Fort episode with Mountie Tyrone that truly drew me in as a fan. What Canadian can resist a moose dressed as a Mountie, guarding a fort comprised of snow blocks, singing “I’m a Mountie and I’m marching threw the snow, I’m a Mountie to the Yukon I must go…”? No one loves Canadian stereotypes more than Canadians themselves and the Backyardigans creators are no exception to the rule.

Now those adorable singing critters have come to DVD in The Backyardigans Escape from the Tower. March 30th Paramount Home entertainment released this DVD filled with the imaginary backyard adventures of these five outrageously adorable kids. Like all kids The Backyardigans are expert practitioners in the use of imagination from Magical mirrors and prison towers to sock factories and intergalactic odysseys The Backyardigans stretch their imaginary muscles to the out limits.

My children loved the catchy tunes and the clever and creative adventures which featured Early 60’s Girl Group music, Bhangra, and Mariachi. The Backyardigans are the perfect introduction for youngsters to the unique sounds of various music genres and their choreographed movements are phenomenal! You can expect high quality animation, well orchestrated plot lines and music which will soon have everyone toe tapping and singing along!

Break Out!~ Move over Supremes Princesses Uniqua and Tasha plan an elaborate escape from their prison tower! Tower Guards Pablo and Tyrone desperately give chase but sister-power, the help of a magic mirror, and some phenomenal rocket slippers make the princesses unstoppable and if you can’t beat them you might as well join them, right?

For The Love of Socks~ Ever wonder where socks come from? They may not all be made overseas but you’d think they are all being made in India or Pakistan. The Backyardigans enjoy making socks at the world’s sock factory while expressing themselves with a little Bhangra--Punjabi folk music. Feeling a little Bollywood? Join the Backyardigans as they venture to save socks for all humanity!!

Los Galacticos~ A Galactic Mariachi band? Only Backyardigans could imagine this out of this world, Mexican inspired musical extravaganza. The Los Galacticos Mariachi band accidentally blasts off into outer space and encounter marauding gooey aliens. An unforgettable intergalactic mission to save the earth!

Honestly, I am not a huge children’s programming enthusiast. I watch typically only to appease my children but I can without word of a lie say I thoroughly enjoy The Backyardigans. My children and I can truly enjoy family viewing at it’s finest with Nickelodeon’s Backyardigan adventures. As a bonus this DVD also includes a music filled, choreographed Dance-along The Fresh Beat Band episode Rock the Luau!

I recommend wholeheartedly The Backyardigans Escape From the Tower on DVD now!

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Word Girl: Earth Day Girl DVD

You will see a theme this month as I review and giveaway DVDs dedicated to the tenets of Earth Day! Modeled in the tradition of classic superhero cartoons Word Girl is a hero kids can relate to! Word Girl is a young girl with clever ideas to change the world for the better, fighting seemingly everyday villains. Why Word Girl? Because this PBS character not only saves the world from dastardly scoundrels but introduces vocabulary words, reinforcing their meanings in the context of comic-book-like animated adventures.

Word Girl: Earth Day Girl will remind parents of the superhero adventures of their youth complete with a soundtrack which will seem unbelievably familiar. Suggestive of an educational and much younger “Wonder Woman” Word Girl presents explanations of quite advanced vocabulary in a way children will be bound to remember with the help of course of the ever present sidekick Captain Huggy Face. This has been our first encounter with Word Girl. I have always been a firm believer in using high vocabulary when speaking to my children rather than “dumbing things down”. People are amazed my the vocabulary of my children which is the simple result of my husband and I using the very same method Word Girl employs--Use the word and then reinforce by defining the word or following the use of the word with other familiar words which have the same meaning. This may sound complex but is really simple!

Word Girl: Earth Day Girl features 8 exciting and goofy episodes in which Word Girl and monkey sidekick Captain Huggy Face encounter quirky villains. I found it ironic that the villains were as mundane as a young birthday girl, a sandwich making guy, a kid named Tobey, and the butcher. The spoof-like quality of these episodes promoted the odd chuckle from my husband and I. My children found this DVD intriguing and were attentive to the content and story line but I believe toddlers would not be drawn in and may become bored. I’d recommend this DVD to children ages 6-10. Word Girl’s superhero story lines appealed to my nine year old son and the slap stick antics kept my 5 and 7 year old daughters in their seats. I was just pleased by the educational quality! 16 new vocabulary words are presented on this DVD words like recycle, guarantee, coincidence, motivate, and even perplexed!

Earth Day Girl~ Buried in Bubble wrap and other excessive packaging Word Girl decides it is time to take action and plans the perfect Earth Day event. Unfortunately, the self involved and greedy Birthday Girl threatens to destroy the day and the earth in one fell swoop!

Mr. Big~ Mr. Big, the mysterious man, is preparing to carry out a mysterious plan--The Thing!! A little vague?? Word Girl fights the vague “Thing” which seems mysteriously to have everyone obsessed. Can Word Girl convince a brainwashed public that the vagueness of the Thing n=must be fought with specifics?

Lady Redundant Woman~ Fight redundancy with Word Girl and Captain Huggy Face! When an everyday copy store employee merges with a photocopier she becomes super villain Lady Redundant Woman. Will the multiple Lady Redundants take over the copy store from manager Dave? Not if Word Girl can help it!

Also enjoy You Can’t Crush City Hall, Two-Brain Highway, Jerky Jerk, Tobey or Consequences, and Coupon Madness! And don’t forget the cool special features: Interactive Games, Parent Information and even Colouring Pages.

In honour of Earth Day we have two copies of Word Girl: Earth Day Girl up for grabs! Word Girl “Fighting for truth, justice, and use of the right words”!
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Review conducted as per my I Disclose Policy.

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Iams Winners!

Number 13 is Miss Crabby Pants! And number 27 is Tannie's Chatter! Congrats!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Winner of the Bob Greene DVD!!

Congratulations Debbie! You won the Bob Greene Workout DVD Nikki reviewed so thoroughly:)
Hope you love it! Emailing you now.

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Lone Star Legend by Gwendolyn Zepeda ~ A Blogger's Cautionary Tale!

Blogging is a bizarre culture, an online world in which strangers are friends and confidants and one begins to feel aggrandized by perhaps fictitious or undeserved fame. It’s a precarious world of broadcasting secrets and personal anecdotes with a false sense of privacy and it became Gwendolyn Zepeda’s source of inspiration for her novel Lone Star Legend. Sandy S.-- Gwendolyn Zepeda’s young, self-involved protagonist--is a struggling Latino writer for an online magazine, living in her own apartment located in her mother’s converted garage! A job, an apartment, a gorgeous boyfriend who is less than perfect, and now a new vivacious and hard-nosed boss who will turn Sandy’s world upside down, what more could a girl ask for??

Sandy soon goes from writing at a small news blog, writing her own personal blog of gripes, and a little contract technical writing on the side to a corporate takeover which finds her writing for a popular trash-talking blog conglomerate, and even starring in a cable television show. But is fame all it is cracked up to be? And how much integrity is Sandy S. willing to forfeit? A chance meeting with the elderly hermit Tio Jaime soon has Sandy’s page views skyrocketing but she learns quickly to take Tio Jaime’s sage advice herself and trade fame for authenticity!

Zepeda writes chick lit with a voice so authentic it ties you emotionally to her characters. A light read yet full of life’s little lessons, Lone Star Legend presents as a folk tale for our times. Fresh and modern but peppered with the morays of Latino culture this is a particularly great leisure read for bloggers! Delightful to indulge in and the perfect scoop up paperback, Gwendolyn Zepeda’s Lone Star Legend is a contemporary tale of morality in a world of frivolity and fluff. It is the story of one woman’s self-discovery and hard-knock transition into adulthood.

Enjoyable, honest, and humorous Lone Star Legend will be a great addition to the bookshelves of at least five Northern Mama readers! Yes, Hachette Book Group is giving away 5 copies here!
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