Monday, April 12, 2010

The Backyardigans Escape from the Tower~ Now Available!

The Backyardigans has been a favourite in our family! It was the Snow Fort episode with Mountie Tyrone that truly drew me in as a fan. What Canadian can resist a moose dressed as a Mountie, guarding a fort comprised of snow blocks, singing “I’m a Mountie and I’m marching threw the snow, I’m a Mountie to the Yukon I must go…”? No one loves Canadian stereotypes more than Canadians themselves and the Backyardigans creators are no exception to the rule.

Now those adorable singing critters have come to DVD in The Backyardigans Escape from the Tower. March 30th Paramount Home entertainment released this DVD filled with the imaginary backyard adventures of these five outrageously adorable kids. Like all kids The Backyardigans are expert practitioners in the use of imagination from Magical mirrors and prison towers to sock factories and intergalactic odysseys The Backyardigans stretch their imaginary muscles to the out limits.

My children loved the catchy tunes and the clever and creative adventures which featured Early 60’s Girl Group music, Bhangra, and Mariachi. The Backyardigans are the perfect introduction for youngsters to the unique sounds of various music genres and their choreographed movements are phenomenal! You can expect high quality animation, well orchestrated plot lines and music which will soon have everyone toe tapping and singing along!

Break Out!~ Move over Supremes Princesses Uniqua and Tasha plan an elaborate escape from their prison tower! Tower Guards Pablo and Tyrone desperately give chase but sister-power, the help of a magic mirror, and some phenomenal rocket slippers make the princesses unstoppable and if you can’t beat them you might as well join them, right?

For The Love of Socks~ Ever wonder where socks come from? They may not all be made overseas but you’d think they are all being made in India or Pakistan. The Backyardigans enjoy making socks at the world’s sock factory while expressing themselves with a little Bhangra--Punjabi folk music. Feeling a little Bollywood? Join the Backyardigans as they venture to save socks for all humanity!!

Los Galacticos~ A Galactic Mariachi band? Only Backyardigans could imagine this out of this world, Mexican inspired musical extravaganza. The Los Galacticos Mariachi band accidentally blasts off into outer space and encounter marauding gooey aliens. An unforgettable intergalactic mission to save the earth!

Honestly, I am not a huge children’s programming enthusiast. I watch typically only to appease my children but I can without word of a lie say I thoroughly enjoy The Backyardigans. My children and I can truly enjoy family viewing at it’s finest with Nickelodeon’s Backyardigan adventures. As a bonus this DVD also includes a music filled, choreographed Dance-along The Fresh Beat Band episode Rock the Luau!

I recommend wholeheartedly The Backyardigans Escape From the Tower on DVD now!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! We're big fans in this house too.

  2. The Backyardigans are my favorite. I like to think they are the GLEE of the kiddie world.