Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sorry I took a Hiatus this weekend!

I know I;m behind and I know I've been away for a while but life happened! Last week I was substitute teaching more than usual, the weekend brought with it two days of dance competitions {my girls were great by the way, if I do say so myself}, then Monday it was the house showing from hell! Okay, maybe not hell because who knows they may still actually make an offer on the house {and yes I am knocking on wood as I type}.

Ever feel like you are trapped in a revolving door that won't stop spinning? That would seem to describe my state of mind. I have friends who had to wait what seemed like an eternity for their homes to sell so they could transfer for work but I obviously have less patience. Our house has been listed for a week with only one showing so far. We've known since the fall that we had a spring transfer so I suppose that makes it seem far longer.

A Monday night showing seemed ideal! We had to take my youngest to her dance lessons anyway and we thought we'd bring the dog and walk her while my daughter was in class, stop at the corner store for a treat and then leisurely drive home. I mean how long could they take? A half an hour at most? The showing was schedules for 7:00 pm and we arrived home around 7:45 only to find the vehicles still there so off we drove to the local school playground. The night had turned cold and unlike most days when the kids would have been thrilled to be on the playground they were all shivers and sat in the van to keep warm. To make an already long story short, The showing lasted until 8:45. An hour and 45 minutes {and no our house is not a huge estate}! We hoped this was a sign of extreme interest but when we heard nothing the next morning our hopes waned.

When we called our realtor to see if he could find our if there were comments he was in a meeting but took our call to tell us that they were keenly interested and he was expecting a call from their realtor within the next two days. These people are obviously not the jump into things type! Last night our realtor calls to say they are at least interested enough to ask about all the utility costs and to forward those on to his office. Again we heard nothing more but it seems these people can't do more than one thing per night so this could be it, tonight could be offer night, or maybe ....nothing! It's torturous knowing someone truly wants your house but is waffling. My fear is they will continue to prolong things by wanting a second showing and then make no offer!

When we returned home on Monday night I noticed the throw pillows on my couch had been tossed around it and the window seat cushion had been moved. I know they have a little one and I thought no harm done but the next day when working outside I realized they had tried opening the attic space of the garage. The opening was not entirely closed as it usually is and the dry wall cover had been cracked. One of my planters had also been dug up, the plants and dirt tossed back in! It was like the three bears coming home after Goldilocks' break-and-enter! Now, any of my friends will tell you that I am not an uptight individual and I have a very easy going personality typically but I was disturbed. I was disturbed not only by the unusually invasive nature of it all but by the fact that no one left a note perhaps to apologize for these damages {no matter how minor} and offer to pay for them if need be!

I have yet to say anything however because I can not afford to jeopardize the possibility of an eminent offer! I'm so afraid to hope for one....

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  1. They dug in your planters? Now that is just odd. I hope you get an offer, the least they could do for doing that to your home!