Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Painful Process!!

I know I'm harping on my house sale saga but the frustration is starting to threaten my very sanity! If you read my story this morning you know we had a house showing Monday night. Two hours they spent in our house so we suspected they must have been very interested but heard nothing. Our realtor told us yesterday that their realtor called saying they were interested and he would call in a day or two. Last night they wanted to know our monthly utility costs so we thought an offer was coming. This morning we get a call from their realtor wanting to set up a second showing for tomorrow night!!

Talk about prolonging this process and still no offer so are they interested or not?? Each day seems like an eternity of scrubbing and cleaning, stress and headaches. I'm fearful of a truly low- ball offer we will be forced to turn down knowing this may mean a long wait to sell! Maybe they won't even make an offer which would burn my butt after all the hassles. Well, maybe just maybe we will have good news after tomorrow night!

If my posts seem muddled and sporadic I apologize now. I'm finding my concentration and focus non-existent lately. My head is spinning and my thoughts muddy!

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  1. How stressful for you Ang. I have my fingers crossed that they make a spectacular off for you, and soon!

  2. We just sold our place so I really, really know how it is. Hoping for a quick sale for you. Although we did like having our place clean all the time... certainly something I'd love to maintain, but know I won't :)

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!!


  4. I hope you get good news. I can only imagine how frustrating it is. When something important is up in the air it can be so maddening.

  5. Found your blog on MBC. I'm following your blog & twitter account. I would love it if you would follow me too:

  6. These stressful moments really are sent to try us aren't they? I always think they're worth it in the end!