Monday, March 2, 2009

Curlers or Rags?!?-- What's a girl to do?

So here I am an educated, intelligent woman, mother of three amazing children--two of whom are vibrant girls and what am I contemplating all evening? How do I create perfect curls in hair that is the consistancy of corn silk?
What you may wonder is she rambling about? Both my vivacious daughters are in their first year of dance. Both are taking jazz and tap and the air is electric with the glitz and glam of what else but the recital!! No one could anticipate the drama of being a dance mom. I have always prided myself on raising my children on the importance of education and intelligence over appearances and frivolity. Now I am an appointed image consultant! I must admit seeing my daughter, Emma receive and try on her costume this evening did give me a thrill and I can envision my tall,brown eyed beauty decked out in this glitzy creation, hair pulled back in the prescribed curls, face aglow with colour! I however cannot envision the process which will create such gorgeous curls. My girls are cursed with my fine, flat hair!
I remember envying one of my cousins who was blessed with perfect ringlets daily. Later I learned the reality was she was not blessed but was rather cursed with the nightly ritual of having her hair wrapped to achieve this perceived perfection. Perhaps I should call my aunt for instructions. I think she must have wrapped my cousins hair in "rags". While the other dance moms are rushing around frantically looking for curlers to buy and ordering special wrapping rods I think why? Why do we discard the traditional and often inexpensive way of doing things when it has worked for years just to buy into the foam and plastic of a new gimmick? Just as I love handmade things I love rediscovering old fashioned practicality and ingenuity! Wish me luck because it's rags instead of curlers for my girls this year! I'll let you know how it turns out.

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