Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Emission Busting!!!

As you will soon gather as I start to post more I am an environmentalist. No I am not a fanatic but I believe we need to find our niche in the environment again. We need to realize that we do not live on the earth but rather are a part of it! We take in and internalize each element: the air, the water, and the soil in some way. We also for many years now have been working to destroy this part of us sometimes through immense and obvious actions and sometimes through the seemingly small and simple actions which are part of our daily existence. In the same way however we can also work to reverse this destruction and help to save the part of us that is the earth. Each simple action can start a chain reaction of environmental healing.
Here is one such opportunity! Pollution from vehicles accounts for 20% of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. This type of CO2 emission remains unregulated! The Environmental Protection Agency is considering a reversal of the Bush administration's decision to prevent states from taking action to reduce global warming through such vehicle emission regulations. Action from the EPA would authorize California to reduce emissions and encourage automakers to start building cleaner cars almost immediately! The decision would also pave the way for 13 other states to do the same.
In these economic times it is important to transition, to start a shift from an economy based on destructive products to one based on products which will provide a healthy living for all of us. Igniting a clean energy economy can help us on the path to economic recovery! The EPA is requesting comments and though this is an American initiative Canadians are welcome to enter their comments. As a Canadian the state of CO2 emissions in the US effects me! As a Canadian the state of the US economy effects my country's economy and how we do business! Please use your voice and visit this link to have it heard:

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