Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grass Heads!!

Okay, I suppose my title could mislead some! This is just a cute craft idea however for kids big and small. Having a green thumb can be an important in a time when ecological and environmental responsibility has become a necessity! Gardening with my children is one of my favourite family activities but in the winter ideas like this one are ideal compensation for the lack of outdoor horticulture. Search the back of your drawers ladies for those old nylon stockings, grab a handful of soil, a scoop of grass seed and you can produce these cute green haired delights!

Cut off the toe portion of the nylons about 12 cm from the toe closure. pour in a scoop or about 3 tbsp. of grass seed into the nylon stocking. Add a handful or two of soil then tie the end of the stocking (you may also twist tie it). Now children can decorate the "head" by adding a face using markers, googly eyes, and or bits of fabric and pipe cleaner. You may wish to form a nose using a twist tie, pipe cleaner or thread to wrap around a small portion of nylon and soil. These are fun and easy! Be sure to soak the "grass head" in a dish of water and then water regularly! The grass seed should then grow creating a coif of hair!

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