Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friends of Socktopus Review!

Do you remember the sock monkey? Well, he was invented well before our time! I must admit I knew little of the history of Sock Monkeys and what do I find myself doing if I am ignorant of something? Research! Did you know sock monkeys have been enjoyed for over 100 years? No one truly knows who the original crafter was but in the 1900s mothers started making the first manufactured socks, those created by the Nelson Knitting Co., into cuddly sock monkey friends and other animals. Soon the Nelson Knitting Company was including the sewing directions for sock monkeys with every pair of their Red Heel socks!

Why am I spewing out this bit of trivial history? Though the sock monkey has been around for over one hundred years he still inspires crafters including Hilary the creator of Friends of Socktopus ! In a new era of eco-mindedness sock creations have taken on a whole new meaning. In the past a thrifty toy? Perhaps. But now an eco-friendly toy created using re-purposed fabric! Socktopus is an endearing creature...just ask my three children including my 8 year old son! Simple, a little goofy he seems to appeal to the sympathy of children and adults alike. Hilary creates socktopus using wear softened sweaters and the result is a lovable, squishy buddy no one can resist. I must admit when I first unwrapped socktopus I laughed. I was not sure if my kids would take to him but the moment they all saw him he became an instant hit! My 8 year old is actually sleeping with him tonight and thinks he's "so cool"! I remarkably can't help but feel his squishy legs every time I happen to walk by him. Why is he so endearing? I think it's his simple design which allows us to exercise our imagination, and his soft, warm wholesomeness. A classic toy with a twist can mean so much!

Socktopus is durable and sewn with strong upholstery thread. Hilary actually offers free repairs if socktopus has a bit of an accident! Friend of Socktopus by Blackbird Fashion also carries owl mobiles and eccentric pincushions out of vintage and found objects. Hilary tries to use eco-friendly, natural , and recycled materials whenever possible! Pay Friends of Socktopus a visit and buy someone you love a new, "old" friend today!

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