Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kids Konserve Discount!

I know I talk quite a lot about environment and have committed to teaching my children a more eco-friendly lifestyle but I am honestly not fanatical. It's the simple everyday things I have focused on because I feel the little things add up and everyone must start somewhere. Alright I am a bit fanatical about recycling and reuse. Lately this eco-friendly idea has really become a more mainstream craze and I'm glad! Schools in many places are becoming focused on waste-free lunches and Kids Konserve makes this reality much simpler with their Reusable Waste Free Lunch Kits and lunch accessories. I love these! One child on average creates 67 lbs of lunchtime waste per school year. If we could cut back on the use of plastic baggies, throw-away containers, and juice cartons think of what a difference we could make! For two women this translated into a mission and a business!You can order lunch accessories individually but Kids Konserve also bundles their products into perfect kits. A lunch kit includes a stylish recycled cotton lunch bag with a recycled aluminum name tag, two stainless steel food containers, a food kozy, a cloth napkin, and a stainless steel drinking bottle! Yes, I said stainless steel food containers! Stainless steel as many fans of the stainless steel water bottle know, is the safest material to store your food in! This eliminates the BPA anxiety today's parents are feeling and they are far more durable and easy to clean than plastic. Everything in these kits is reusable! Kids Konserve is also launching a Build your own kit for back to school in 2009. The kits are $40-$42 but because they are totally reusable and you won't need to buy the disposable bags and containers it is a worthwhile investment.
Kids Konserve provides many opportunities for school fundraisers as well. Imagine helping the environment and your child's school with one fundraiser! Schools can gain 10% of the sales if they participate in a waste free lunch challenge or they can purchase and sell stainless steel bottles customized with the school logo!

Kids Konserve is currently offering Northern Mama readers a 10% discount on their products until May 31st, 2009! To get the 10% please use the code: northern when ordering!

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  1. I love the Kids Konserve waste-free lunch kits! Thank you for sharing and thanks for the coupon code!