Thursday, April 2, 2009


I was magic carpet riding skyward
on a cloud of history
exhilarated by the challenge and inspiration
of my ancestry
I was
from the sky by sullied white birds in flight
fighting to rise above.

Upon the earth
the bite of venom-spitting humanity killers
burning holes through the barriers
of my inner sanctum
Now I melt into my bedsheets crying

clenched teeth,
bearing down,
I succumb to the ache of solitude
Taste the bitterness of loneliness
amidst crowds
a soul rain looming

My olfactory scents
the pheromone-filled sweat
I taste the saltiness of fear
I dig deeper into my unforgiving resting place,
my muscles lax and aching dully

I am bound tightly
in the restraints of my pain
Longing for the freedom
of apathy
straining for a release
to numbness
and vanquished emotion

Release from the ties
of hurt and self-destruction
pain overflowing,
I am self-destruct coded!
Self-destruction, Apathy,
a choice?
Is there a difference?

Soul Rain
...catch it
...catch it!
Can I catch it
to irrigate my harvest of redemption?

This poem is dedicated to the youth of Nunavut and in particular Kugluktuk. It is for those we remember who have succumbed to their pain and to those who have captured and harnessed their "soul rain" and found hope, power, and redemption!

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