Saturday, April 25, 2009

Surfaceflik Review and Discount!

Since high school I have always had the passionate desire to visit Africa. Explore the Olduvai gorge and discover the "Cradle of Civilization" that anthropologist Louis Leakey discribed, go on safari in Kenya, live with the mountain gorillas, and learn more about so many of the tribal cultures...these were my dreams and perhaps they are still. I cannot afford to travel to Africa but I now have an Acacia tree in my bedroom! You know one of those flat topped Umbrella Thorn trees one sees in so many depictions of African landscapes. I can now see this tree each time I enter my room and my dreams start to come alive thanks to Surfaceflik! Surfaceflik can bring many whimsical designs to life on your walls through its artistic vinyl wall decals.

I have some across many wall decal companies but I don't think I have ever seen as many fanciful unique graphics. Surfaceflik is also based in Canada which, as a Canadian blogger, I love!! What I also love is that you can choose to have your vinyl decal printed in a wide range of colours. I had originally planned to place my decal in our basement on a red wall so I chose the black. After seeing the decal I thought it would look far more dramatic over our bed and may have chosen a brown. It is wonderful to have that option so you can easily coordinate the graphic with your existing colour scheme. I also thought it exciting that Surfaceflick carries some very large wall decal designs at reasonable prices.

Worried the decal will be difficult to apply? Fear not. Surfaceflik decals are simple to apply and come with both written and video installation instructions. You can currently view the installation instructions on You Tube! Our tree came in two pieces and were very easy to align and apply to our wall. Peel off the paper backing, position on your wall using the contact paper the decal is attached to, rub the decal area with a credit card or other plastic scraper, then carefully remove the contact paper! Oh...and Surfaceflik actually guarantees your decal will stay stuck to your wall without peeling for 10 years or they will send you a new one FREE!! How great is that? Add a bit of whimsy and fantasy to your home decor. Let your style reflect your dreams!
Surfaceflik is offering Northern Mama readers a 20% discount on all regularly priced items and 10% off their sale items! Just mention my blog "Northern Mama" in the notes when you place your order!


  1. africa is a beautiful place, tourism is one of those places that time and you think you're in a movie!