Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mabel's Labels Review and Discount!

This is the tale of a lost camp hat! Yes, camp season is approaching. Actually for my 8 year old son it has been Cub camp season all year! My adventurous son has had fall camp, winter camp, and next weekend it will be time to pack up the ole' camp gear and head off to spring camp. As I unpacked my son Gabriel's gear after his last wilderness excursion low and behold amongst the damp socks and the smokey sweats what should I fish out of his bag but two camp hats! Someone out there could certainly use Mabel's Labels! I felt a little despair as I realized Gabriel's Cub pack had camped with many other Cub packs from around the region and since the unmarked hat did not belong to anyone in his group it would be impossible to return it to its rightful owner.
I have no fear of this happening to Gabriel as he ventures off again into the great Canadian wild because we have been lucky enough to label all his gear including every piece of clothing with the Camp Pack from Mabel's Labels! When we received the Camp Pack I was amazed at how many labels there actually were: 15 Sticky Labels, 40 Iron-Ons or 50 Tag Mates™, 8 Shoe Labels, 2 Bag Tags. I labels everything my son needed for camp and still had some labels left over! I chose the Tag Mates over the iron-ons because...okay I admit I detest ironing. The Tag Mates simply peel and stick to clothing tags so are fast and easy to apply. When applying the shoe labels one must first peel and stick on the label then stick a clear seal over top as added protection against moisture. These labels are extremely durable and won't rub off! I used the regular Sticky Labels on Gabriel's gear: his sleeping bag, flashlight, toiletry bag and even his camp chair but my favourites have to be the bag tags. These sturdy metal tags were fantastic for his backpack and his hockey bag {which he uses to cart all his camp gear} and they not only keep his stuff protected but look very COOL {as my son loved to point out}! Also very cool is the number of icon designs and label colours there are to choose from and now in Canada you can choose to purchase labels featuring the Backyardigans! If your kids are not campers prepare for school with this same all inclusive camp/school combo pack.

We are a camping family so having been raised on the joy of the outdoors my son has been brimming with anticipation of his next camping adventure and as they say at Mabel's Labels I'll worry about I don't have to worry about his stuff!
Now Northern Mama readers will be able to protect her child's treasured "stuff" using their Mabel's Labels 10% discount! Just use the coupon code: NORTHMAMA when ordering. Discount valid until June 1st, 2009.

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