Friday, May 29, 2009

Mom Central comes to Canada!!

Mom Central has come to Canada!! Yes, this consulting firm which knows the importance and influence of mommies and hosts a one-stop online mommy site dedicated to providing us busy and hardworking moms with the resources we need to raise our children and run our households. Mom Central has been helping American moms make their lives easier and now Canadian moms can also benefit from the same trusted, and exciting information. At Mom Central, you'll find information on everything from toddler toys and baby-proofing to household finances and green living!

Moms trust other moms they know! Word of Mouth is becoming one of the most effective ways of marketing household and parenting products and in this digital age in which mothers research their purchases online mommy bloggers and other women of influence help to form a new community which expands the distance word of mouth travels. Mom Central wants to help create an online community of trusted mothers and you can be a part of it all! Would you like to test many of the latest and greatest products and services before they even hit the shelves and give voice to what mom's truly want and care about? Do you want the opportunity to pass on coupons and promotions to the moms you network with? You can just by registering to be a part of the Mom Central Testing Panel! It's simple and if you sign-up during the month of June you will have the chance to win one of five amazing Canon PowerShot cameras!
Allow your voice to be heard, be a mom of influence, and enjoy samples, and savings at Mom Central !

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I'll go check it out