Saturday, June 6, 2009

Becel's One Small Thing Heart Health Campaign!

It is perhaps apropos that I be invited by Tracy from the Ariad Marketing Agency to write a post about Becel's "One Small Thing" Campaign promoting heart health through small changes you can make to your everyday lifestyle! As a mentioned this week my mother has a heart condition. It is not angina or heart disease but rather an arrhythmia. My mother laughed as she related to me what a doctor at the heart clinic told her, "It's not likely to cause a heart attack so you don't need to worry about that...but it may cause a stroke!" Little consultation in that I'd say.
Needless to say heart health is no laughing matter and--contrary to the traditional idea that heart disease is a higher concern for men--heart attack and stroke are the leading cause of death in North American women! Want to know the silver lining, the bright side to this terrible fact? You can reduce your risk by 80% by making small and simple changes to your lifestyle!

Visit the Becel--One Small Thing website and register. Create a profile and pledge to do One Small thing each day to help yourself maintain a healthy heart. Then start sharing your small things so others can learn new and exciting ways to help themselves! You can also follow the journey of Julie through her webisodes and discover that from walking a dog {even someone Else's} to using the stairs you too can live a heart healthy lifestyle!

I'm sure if all of us stop to think we know of at least one friend or relative who is suffering from heart disease or has passed due to heart attack or stroke. I can list several my grandfather, my husband's grandfather, my grandmother suffered from angina and my mother now suffers from arrhythmia. Let's do what we can to shorten the list and let's do the small things daily to prevent us from becoming listed ourselves!

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