Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life can be a chaotic blur! I've been running to the children's soccer endlessly and working on fixing things around the house. And today has been a day of disappointments. My parents were supposed to be arriving from Ontario on Wednesday. My children have literally been counting down the days as have I admittedly. We see them about once a year so it is always a much anticipated event. My mom called today to say she was having some problems with a new heart medication {she has a bit of an arrhythmia} and it will take a week to see if her new prescription is working. Such a feeling of thud after flying "on the wings of anticipation" and that nagging worry over a parent's health. My closest friend called soon after with her stories of moving headaches and travelling woes and I felt heavy thinking of all her stresses and my inability to help since I live half way across the country! After finally hanging up the phone I realized I had to pick it right back up to call around the community in search of someone to take one of my children to a soccer match while I took one of my others to his game...what a day! My kids have just settled in to bed...late! And I am exhausted. I am going to curl up with one of my books to review and hope I don`t dose off too soon!
I just finished a great read which I will review for you tomorrow night! Hoping the mail brings in some more great review items too because I`m truly starting to believe that Canada Post is holding some grudge against me...WHERE IS MY MAIL??
For the moment farewell and good night!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your parents. What a disappointment. Hopefully they will come soon.