Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Botanical Roots Review and Discount!

Botanical Roots Natural Body and Skincare

As a rule it is the dream of every woman to find that miraculous skin care product which makes her look and feel young, vivacious and healthy! I am no exception to this rule. I have spent time and money scouring the stores and scrounging through my cupboards for this skin care miracle most often with unproductive, or undesirable results. Enter Botanical Roots...products I believe are made in heaven or perhaps just made by Ashlee in the United States. Regardless Ashlee has delivered my skin a little piece of heaven and the miracle products it has been waiting for. Botanical Roots products are organic, made from all natural but indulgent and luxurious ingredients. These products delight not only your skin but your sense of smell. I must admit the products smell scruptious! I was lucky enough to try five Botanical Roots products and I could not pick just one favourite! They were all amazing.

The first product I indulged in was the Sugar Berry Body Polish created from fabulously alpha-hydroxy rich fruit, organic oils, and organic pure sugarcane sugar! I used this all over my body in the shower and came out feeling smooth and silky and smelling of sweet sugar. I'm sure my husband was just as appreciative of this product as I. This product gently exfoliates and moisturizes luxuriously. The only problem with this product is the urge to eat it the sweet scent will induce!

When I originally openned Botanical Roots Sweet Cheeks Facial Cleanser I feared using it. As I have mentioned in the past I have acne proned skin and my face is very sensitive to so many products. I admit I originally thought the appearance of the product was greasy but when I dipped a finger in I realized it was not greasy but rather sticky because it was made of organic honey. I am so glad I tried it because it is one of those miracle products! After using this cleanser my face felt softened, smoother and exfoliated but also moisturized without a greasy after effect! It also left my skin with an even radiant tone. I don't think my skin has looked so healthy! I will be purchasing more of this fabulous product which can be used not only as a cleanser but also as a non-drying facial mask! Again...YUM!

A great follow-up to the wonderful Sweet Cheeks facial Cleanser is the Botanical RootsMoisturizing Facial Elixir. This is one of Ashlee's best selling products and after using it I know why! This botanically rich moisturizing elixir is made of botanical oils and again I was hesitant. Applying oils to acne-prone skin is frightening. I used it very sparingly but focused in on the areas of my face I feel are in need of extra moisture and was very impressed. Most impressively the frown lines I have developed between my eyes lessened greatly in appearance after using this product for only a couple of days and I could not be happier with the youthful appearance the elixir produced! If you are like me and not used to applying oils to your face you will soon realize that it is not as discomfitting as one first anticipates. You only need to use a small amount for amazing results!

Many women whether they are make-up wearers or not do indulge in lip colour. Botanical Roots Berry Tint Lip Creme is a fabulous option for make-up lovers and non-make-up wearers alike. This Lip Tint is moisturizing and glossy producing a fabulously wet-lipped look without looking unnatural and overdone. The Berry Tint has a light minty scent and a red-purple hue. It feels deliciously fabulous on the lips. If you prefer Botanical Roots also carries a Ginger Tint with a peachy hue and Clear Shine. Speaking of delicious, The Chocolate Truffle Mask is one you will have to resist tasting. Most women are chocolate lovers so the scent of choclate is obviously inviting. This mask is high in anti-oxidants and gently pulls the impurities from your skin. It left my skin feeling clean, smooth and refreshed. This rich and creamy mask comes in a powder form, just add water and apply! Indulging in chocolate will never be the same!

Ashlee of Botanical Roots is offering Northern Mama readers a 20% discount until July 31st on all orders totalling $25 or more! Use the dicount code Northern in the coupon box when you check out. It is truly worth it to take advantage of this discount to discover some miraculous skincare of your own! I will be making an order myself shortly because my skin's health is so worth it!

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