Sunday, July 19, 2009

For Educators ~ ASCD online newsletter and the commitment to a social curriculum!

A former teaching colleague of mine and a wonderful friend sent me this email for educators which I thought was definitely worth sharing!

ASCD members and other instructional leaders like you care about inspiring students to become good citizens, teaching students how to interact responsibly, and helping students understand the importance of service to their community. ASCD editors care, too, so they developed new articles for another online-only issue of Educational Leadership magazine on Revisiting Social Responsibility.

Enhance your summer reading with articles by Steven Wolk, Elliott Seif, Sanford N. McDonnell, and others and prepare for a brand new year with knowledge and wisdom from these experts.
Take responsibility for your professional development and join ASCD, your worldwide partner in learning, teaching, and leadership. Tough times like these, call for bold moves. An investment in becoming the best at what you do, will result in long-term and sustainable returns that benefit the children in your classrooms, schools, and community.
Share the articles in this online-only issue with all of your colleagues. This issue is completely open and free to everyone. If your colleagues find the information valuable, please encourage them to join ASCD and help them discover more resources that will inspire them to learn more. ASCD is more than 173,000 caring educators in 120 countries working everyday to ensure students are healthy, safe, supported, engaged, and challenged in good times and bad.
We hope you enjoy reading this bonus issue of Educational Leadership on Revisiting Social Responsibility and will share it with others.
Thank you for caring about education.
Daniel RatnerASCD, Membership Director

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