Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm So Happy For You~Book Review and Giveaway

Have you ever fallen victim to the use of the phrase "I'm so happy for you!"--a Cheshire cat smile stretching your face most unnaturally--wistfully wishing you could say it with heartfelt sincerity all the while knowing what lies beneath is a hint of envy, or perhaps even a seething, raging resentment? Female friendship can be both an unbending and tightly knit bond of love and support or a relationship of mutual deprecation mired in jealousy, and insecurity. Lucinda Rosenfeld has captured this darker side of female relationships in her wickedly witty new novel I'm So Happy For You coming to book stores July 29th! I'm So Happy For You will be every female's guilty pleasure read this summer!

Wendy is a woman who prides herself on being a good friend. She has spent her adult life listening to the relationship woes of her gregarious and dangerously beautiful best friend Daphne and despite her love for gossip {and the spreading of it} she always feels she rises above it by only passing information on for altruistic purposes. Wendy sees herself as the stable one, the one with the regular job, the cute--if not productive--husband, and no nonsense, anti-materialistic ideals. The only thing lacking in her "perfect" life is movement to the next phase, a baby! While Wendy and her husband struggle with fertility and Wendy begins to realize that their relationship is not the perfect one she has always envisioned, Daphne drops the bombshell which cuts free the fragile tethers of Wendy's deep seated insecurity, jealousy, and selfishness. Daphne's metamorphosis from "messed up friend" to the woman with it all--rich and gorgeous husband, beautiful, expensive home, and a baby on the way--catapults Wendy into the category of woman to be pitied! Wendy's cute husband who has been staying home to write a screenplay but has seemingly spent most of his time smoking weed and watching TV has cost them a home and Wendy's urge to have a baby has not been fulfilled after a year of fertility monitors and mechanical sex.

You will fall in love with this truly scandalous reveal of the lurking rivalries everyday women sometimes harbour under the smooth reflective surface of their seemingly intimate female friendships. I'm So Happy For You is a roller coaster ride of emotions most of us would hate to admit we might actually be hiding! As I read I found I was entirely sympathetic to the emotions of all the characters, caught between them like a ball in a pinball machine, siding with one then another. This novel is fabulously funny and a satisfying combination of leisurely enjoyment and introspective reading. I predict this book will fly off the book shelves this summer and be found on beach towels, cottage tables, and porch swings everywhere!
...And 5 copies of this book will make their way into the hands 5 lucky Northern Mama readers!!! Yes, Miram at Hachette Book Group has 5 copies to offer you!! So cross your fingers and be sure to say "I'm so happy for you!" to the five lucky winners if you find you are not one of them {and be sure to say it with a smile...whether you mean it or not}!

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