Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well, once again I will be out of touch for a while! My family is attempting another camping trip in the hope that it will be substantially warmer and drier than our last excursion. We are off to Prince Albert National Park for 9 nights. Our last hurrah before the start of school is upon us!

Please don't leave me I will return with more reviews, giveaways, and less-than-wise, insightful ramblings including a garden update and perhaps some canning ideas :)


  1. Hi Angela,
    Just wanted to let you know that I think your e-mail account may have been hacked as I just got an e-mail supposedly from you requesting financial assistance. This happened a couple of months ago to a friend of mine and I got the same e-mail from her.

  2. I got the same email saying you were in Birmingham England and needed cash. I emailed them back and told them I work for the Ontario Provincial Police and will forward it to them - Which is true. May be that will stop them from doing it.
    Have a great time on your trip and happy to know you're not in England!