Monday, August 24, 2009

The loss of a Post :(

I must tell you I worked extensively on a post about social issues in the north yesterday and when I hit publish post to my horror the post disappeared into some black hole out in cyber space! Fear not I thought, it will have been saved in Blogger but regrettably it had only saved the first few sentences.

I know it seems silly but I lamented the loss of that post as I had put my heart and soul into writing it and for the life of me cannot reproduce it to my satisfaction. I am still reworking my rewrite with much frustration! Hopefully I have learned my lesson and will from now on save my posts to a word document or clipboard as backup!

Hopefully my son also learned a valuable lesson yesterday about avoiding wasp nests and avoiding other boys while they poke at wasps nests...I believe the 5 wasp bites he received should see to that! What a day!

My day finished however on a happier note. Last night my husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary with an evening out!


  1. I will look forward to your post, that is frustrating! Happy Anniversary.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that!

    It actually happened to me yesterday as well. I was posting a recipe, and it took me about 10 mins, then it was gone.

    Blogger only saved a bit as well. I was so frustrated I wrote a quick version. It's not near as good :(

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Thats so awsome! I hate Wasp nests we had to take down 2 the other day. it can be scarey!

  4. That is really, really odd - because I read it! It was great to get an "inside scoop" so to speak. I really hope it shows up again (if it made it to Google Reader, it's got to be somewhere????).