Thursday, September 10, 2009

Celebrate Grandparents Day {Sept. 14th} with the gift of Your Voice!

Grandparents are a precious commodity and to grandparents their grandchildren are priceless! Grandparents' Day is September 14th and is the perfect time to celebrate this invalueable relationship!

My husband and I have lived across the country from our parents for more than a decade. It's sometimes difficult but we grew used to the geographical separation and compensated with emails, long distance phone calls, pictures, videos, and parcels. Visits became less and less frequent as our family grew. Flights for a family of five are not cheap and the thought of travelling so far with three young children is not terribly appealing! But it was after having children that the distance had become more difficult. The grandparents ache to be involved in their grandchildrens' lives and as the children grow older they start to feel the void somewhat more {as parents the idea of the odd night-on-the-town while the kids are securely tucked in at grandma's and grandpa's also sounds tempting}.

We enjoy our family life however and our freedom to roam and always look for new and innovative ways to allow our children to find connections with their grandparents and close the gap distance can create. has a simple way to achieve this momentously important goal! Your Voice is a free service which allows you to record an audio message and then send it by email to that special someone. Why not just pick up the phone and call directly you ask? The benefit to Your Voice is that the recipients can play the message over and over whenever they wish! This is an especially precious gift to a grandparent separated from grandchildren. It is the intimate gift of hearing their grandchild's voice when they need it most!

The best gift you and your children can give on Grandparents' Day is the gift of yourselves and Your Voice provides you with a unique and FREE way to express your love!

My children and I tested this service and were thrilled by the results. My in-laws were the lucky recipients {my parents no longer have Internet}. We decided to make one recording in which each of my three children related a story of his/her favourite memory of time spent with grandma and grandpa.

This is Our Recording {just click play}!

Because my children are quite young and this was a new experience I had to feed them their lines so there are quite a few pauses but over all I'd say it was a success because here is what grandma wrote in response:

"We really did enjoy hearing the kids. There messages to us were wonderful. We could understand every word. Their messages brought tears to my eyes."
Love Mom

What more can you ask for? You may also listen to your own message before saving it and when you send your message Your Voice will also email you a copy. My children loved listening to their message. It's exciting for them to hear their own voice and know that grandma and grandpa will hear it too!

Your Voice also allows grandparents the opportunity to send love and words of wisdom to their grandchildren. Grandparents can share stories and memories with their grandchildren which can be stored and played again and again!
Sound technical and complicated? and Your Voice makes it easy as 1,2,3!
Step 1: Call the service phone number and enter your personal code.
Step 2: Follow the instructions to record and save your recording
Step3: Send your message by email
More and more grandparents are computer and Internet savvy today and
provides grandparents with amazing resources to nourish their relationship with their grandchildren! Join today and celebrate the riches of family!


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for the link!


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