Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Little Nip and Tuck...Not me my blog silly!!

My regular readers may notice a bit of a change to my blog! Oh yes...I have had some work done! Not a facelift but a little nip and tuck might we say! Checkout my sidebars. And if you look down I now have a signature. Who do I have to thank? Thank you Jennisa of Once Upon a Blog {Design Shoppe}! Jennisa is fabulously easy to work with and has a very good eye! Many thanks now everyone ooooh and ahhh! Be sure to find Once Upon a Blog under my Blog Luv and at the bottom of my site.

post signature


  1. Jennisa did my ENTIRE blog over! I'm going to have a mild nip & tuck down shortly but the only person I'll be trusting to do that is Jennisa of course!

  2. Jennisa is amazing! I was in contact with her to re do my blog, but I just don't have a blog re design in my budget right now. I know she is going to do an amazing job on your blog!

    When I do FINALLY customize my blog, Jennisa will be the one who does it.