Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obentec Laptop Lunches ~ Discount!!

Waste-free lunches are one of the most important parenting topics of the times! Environmental concerns are on the mind of more and more North Americans and Parents want to know how to instill a healthy love of environment in their children. As parents we also want to know what example we can provide and how we can incorporate eco-friendly practices into our everyday lives. Waste-free lunches is an easy way to meet all of these goals and as a bonus makes it easier to provide nutritional and healthier lunches to our children!

Mompreneurs, Tammy and Amy, were appalled by the waste kids' school lunches produced and by the poor nutritional value of the processed foods being tossed into lunches! They knew that for parents convenience often overrides healthy choices. Laptop Lunches were created with both health and convenience in mind! It's a lunch system! Instead of digging out containers from various sources and throwing this hodge-podge into a bag, Laptop Lunches are set up with the word meal in mind. small containers which nest in a large platter compartmentalize each meal element but allows you the parent to keep in mind that you are essential planning out a meal considering the food groups just as you would at supper hour!
Laptop Lunches offer phthalate and BPA-free, reusable, recyclable lunch kits, stainless steel drinking bottles and thermoses and great carrying cases for it all! Not just for kids, Laptop Lunches have a beautiful selection of lunch bags appealing to adults too!
Make your lunches easy, nutritious, and eco-friendly! Laptop Lunches by Obentec is making it even easier by providing Northern Mama readers with a 10% discount!! Just use the code: northernmama when ordering! And don't forget Laptop lunches when you consider your next school fundraiser!


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