Saturday, October 3, 2009 ~ A Place Bloggers Can Call Home Sweet Home!

I have been blogging in a virtual bubble for the past 7 months! I spent the first month of my blogging career searching the internet for help designing my site and just desperately trying to figure out what blogging was all about. I had friends who were bloggers but I often hated to bother them for advice and some seemed to feel like sharing ideas was like giving away top secret information! I joined blogger communities but was lost in the shuffle and though I loved writing the concepts of increasing traffic, building a following and gaining sponsors eluded me.

Enter! I joined in my first months of blogging but I was so focused on just getting my blog off the ground and avoiding all distractions that I neglected to visit...what a terrible mistake! Remembering the Momdot administrator, Trisha, and her kindness to me when I first got started and first discovered her network I lately decided it was high time to revisit and force my way out of my blogging bubble into a community. A community is exactly what Momdot feels like to me. I feel comfortable venting my frustrations, expressing my excitement, and asking questions. The atmosphere is inviting and the people open, honest, and willing to help you every step of the way. No other blogger board, network, or forum has felt so inviting so quickly and been as willing to share their knowledge.

If you are a newbie blogger struggling with the huge bloggy learning curve or you are an old hand who loves to give advice, help other bloggers or just need a community who understands the blogger "addiction" is a wonderful place to connect with others! offers a free place to list your blog, PR opportunities, Forums, and a great radio show on Fridays covering a variety of blogging topics. Trisha, the administrator of Momdot, is amazing--full of energy and enthusiasm! What a dream come true for bloggers like me. Break out of your blogging bubble and find a home at!

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