Saturday, October 24, 2009

Paddington and Bronwynn Paint the Town!

During a Spring trip to the book store my youngest daughter Bronwynn, age 5, felt underestimated as I approached her with a lovely children's picture book. Her older brother and sister had already chosen their chapter books and Bronwynn was adamant that she required a "chapter book" as well. An avid reader myself and an educator who always focused on literacy I have felt it is essential to read to ones children and not only picture books. I remember reading "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" to my son during infancy. My son now eats books so I suppose there may be some correlation.

Perusing the shelves we finally struck gold--Paddington Bear! Paddington is a bear from darkest Peru who immigrated to England and loves marmalade. It amazes me how easily children are able to build a rapport with some fictional characters. Though much of the language is mature beyond my daughter's comprehension and most of the jokes and word play fly far above her head the stories of Paddington are endearing to her and hold her attention in an unexpected way. Perhaps cuddly bears eating marmalade and wearing a hat and coat is understood by children on an entirely different plane. Regardless of why or how my daughter relates to Paddington and it is beautiful to watch the relationship, both imaginative and fanciful, develop as she develops an understanding of the concepts of friendship and unconditional love!

A few weeks ago during a phone call to my mother I told her of Bronwynn's new found bond to Paddington bear. I truly love my mom--yesterday, unexpectedly a package arrived in the mail addressed to Bronwynn. Enclosed, a note from my mother about a special friend she had sitting at home named Paddington and how she had decided to send him to live with Bronwynn, knowing that Bronwynn would take good care of him! The look on Bronwynn's face is something I will treasure and I know the adventures Bronwynn has with Paddington will be something she will always treasure! Former kindergarten teachers make great grandparents by the by!
Ever since Paddington crawled out of his brown papered package He and Bronwynn have been painting the town! {I wonder if Pooh will also find this much attention when I crack open "Return to the Hundred Acre Wood"

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  1. Aww that is just too cute! I read some Paddington Bear with my oldest and she really enjoyed it.

  2. oh my gosh she is soooo cute!

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  5. How gorgeous. I had a big paddington bear like that when I was younger that I adored too.

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