Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Biome5 15% Discount!

Biome5 is a company created with the inspiration of the natural world and the knowledge of the visual way children learn in mind! Biome5 manufactures 100% organic cotton kids' t-shirts and onesies featuring colourful and eye catching designs. These designs combine the natural beauty of animals with the foundation to literacy--the alphabet!

Developed by two architects Biome5 designs gain inspiration from the variety of world environments or biomes. Currently Biome5 is featuring a limited edition shirt design highlighting a biome near and dear to my heart, the arctic. This limited addition shirt spotlights the majestic polar bear and 20% of the proceeds go to the Detroit Zoological Society. Organic, sweat-shop free, beautiful--Biome5!

Biome5 is offering Northern Mama readers an exclusive 15% discount code: NMAMA
Valid for 30 days between October 6th and November 4th!
Shipping is free on U.S. orders over $25 and on international {including Canadian} orders over $50.

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