Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sports Guys from Kaskey Kids ~Review and Discount!

My son has developed an interest in toy soldiers and army figurines in the last few years. While I love that playing with these armies of tiny figures allows him to engage his imagination in ways that vary from the virtual screen action of the ever popular video and electronic games I often feel uncomfortable with the concept of war games and violence. Kaskey Kids has created a fun, and fabulous alternative--toys which provide the opportunity for child controlled imaginary play combined with the love of sports!

Sports Guys and Girls are complete sports teams of small 2" athletes! Whether you favour Hockey {yes, the Canadian sport}, Football, Baseball, or Soccer {Canada's new hockey alternative} there are Sports Guys for you! They come with their own field, ball, and goals in a portable and stackable handled case. When asked to review a Sports Guy product the Kaskeys were sure my son, being an all Canadian boy would choose Hockey but he surprised them. Yes, soccer is the new hockey among young people in Canada these days. It's a far less expensive sport to play and so many children are joining soccer teams--mine are no exception!

Gabriel tore excitedly into his Soccer Guys as soon as they arrived and all three of my children have been enjoying them daily ever since! I can almost hear the buzz of the crowd now as a rousing soccer match plays out down my hallway! Sports Guys are the new favourite. Now war room battle plans are being replaced with strategic plays on the sports field. Let's face it...boys in particular and people in general have a fascination with aggression and action. Sports concepts are certainly a preferable outlet for this imaginary action! My girls love the Soccer Guys just as much as my son and Kaskey Kids has thought of this too--Soccer Girls are also available and perhaps Santa will be dropping these and other Sports Guys under our tree this year!
For Americans or fans of American College Football Kaskey Kids has introduced College Football Guys. These teams are approved by the Collegiate Licensing Corporation and feature such teams as University of Michigan, Ohio State, and the University of Georgia {just to name a few}. Maybe someday Canadians can convince Kaskey to create some Canadian Hockey Guys or for those of us in Saskatchewan, Canada--Roughrider Football Guys {I think you have to be from Saskatchewan to understand that market}!! What I do know is Sports Guys make a wonderful gift and because Kaskey also offers Mini-Packs with just the figurines for a lower price they are perfect for every child on your list and even make a unique stocking stuffer!
Northern Mama readers can enjoy Kaskey Kids Sports Guys at 10% off with the promotional code: GoGuys. Just use this code at checkout and your family will be hollering "He Shoots, He Scores!" or "Play Ball!" as they enjoy this "Best Toy Award" winning product!

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  2. Can you help us by telling us where we can purchase the Kaskey Kids Hockey Guys in Canada? Through a web site would be best as we live in Saskatchewan and can't find them!!!! Please contact me at Thank you.