Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brighid's Forge ~ Final Day of Twilight Grab Bag Reveals!

As a child the artisan behind Brighid's Forge had a love of nature and natural elements which in adulthood has translated into a creative passion! After two losses in her life Stephanie of Brighid's forge took refuge in her artistic talents creating cabochons and discovering the smooth, solid beauty of forged metal!

Still influenced by the earthy colours of the natural world, you will find Stephanie behind a torch in her workshop forging metals into wearable works of art. Evocative of the power of Celtic metal work, you will unearth the goddess within donning an original piece from Brighid's Forge. The earth produces elements with protective and healing properties one could call supernatural! Precious, raw gem stones and earthy metals have been worn for centuries for their combined power, and their comely allure. This makes them the perfect materials for creating the mystical Twilight inspired pieces fans dream of wearing!

Emblazon your wrists, fingers or neck with the Twilight quotes which have already emblazoned your heart and soul! Brighid's Forge offers customers high quality metalwork cuffs, rings, and pendants stamped with your favourite lines in romantic fonts. Custom orders are welcome!

Whether you are a Twilight fan who "Drives With Vampires or Rides With Werewolves" you will be consorting with the supernatural adorned with a 22g sterling silver charm draped from your neck! Brighid's Forge is giving one Northern Mama Twilight Giveaway winner this Twilight and Eclipse inspired sterling silver Bella Switzerland {Twilight Inspired}Charm {$15.00US},in a high polish or satin finish. You do not want to miss this!
To Enter the Northern Mama Twilight Giveaway for a chance to win click HERE!

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