Saturday, November 21, 2009

CardSwap ~ Canadians "Don't Pay Full Price for those Gift Cards" !

If you are like me you search high and low for the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list. But any more this can be a task in futility! Everyone has their own style, and sometimes we find that difficult to decipher, teenagers are never easy to get-a-handle-on, and parents well, they often feel they have everything they need, so what is one to do? Gift Cards are often the easy and exciting solution--you have the opportunity to give everyone on your list exactly what they are looking for! You can find gift cards everywhere but is the unparallelled choice for Canadians!

Why, you ask? Are you a frugal shopper, always searching for the best deals, discounts, and sales? I am always shopping the clearance racks, buying early to hit the sales but why...why are there never Gift Card Sales? You will not believe this, but now there are!! Yes, you read correctly and no, you're not dreaming! is like the equivalent to ebay for Gift Cards! You may never pay full price for gift cards again!

Even when gift cards seem to be the perfect gift choice, choosing the appropriate store can often be daunting and sometimes backfires! Oops, I gave a gift card for a plus-size store to a friend who just lost 50 pounds, or oops, my nephew only wears clothes from where?
I have occasionally received gift cards for stores at which I never shop and have been presented with a dilemma. Do I use the gift card to get something I don't really want just because it is burning a hole in my pocket, or do I just let it sit in my wallet for years as a reminder of someones misjudged thoughtfulness? Now there is a new and more productive solution--you can exchange those unwanted, yet truly appreciated, gift cards for cash at!

Buy, or Sell, regardless gives you the opportunity to save money {10-40% off} the cards you want or provides you with the cash for the gifts you truly want and need! Gift Cards at a Discount who could have imagined? And goes one step further by showing you the biggest discounts and the latest additions to their inventory! For the saftey of buyers and sellers CardSwap uses Interac Online as a secure payment option!
Register at by November 30th and you will be entered to win a Free ipod Touch!! Just use this link to Enter and use the entry PIN: MK1112 . You will receive extra ballots for everyone you refer! When registering you will be asked to select 5 of your favourite retailers and when you sign in to your account will indicate if there are any gift cards available for those personal favourites!

Canadians, never pay full price for Gift Cards again!, featured recently on City TV, is Canada's #1 site for discount gift cards and the superlative place to seek out the quintessential gift this holiday season!

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Disclosure: I was paid to review this website but this is an honest and fair review reflecting my personal opinions of the site!

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