Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Dyson DC23 Animal! Is this my house?!?

When my husband and I purchased our home one of the perks was the central vacuum system...or so we thought! Now, I am not making a blanket statement about all central vacuum systems but our system is ridiculously useless perhaps due to its age, perhaps just due to poor engineering. I believe my central vac is more adept at blowing the dirt and dust around than it is at suctioning it away!

As a mommy of three masters of mess making I found housekeeping a nightmare. I live in a rural area and find the dust and dirt combine with the messes of my children and two pets a constant concern. I can dust and vacuum and expect not a half hour later to find a blanket of dust, and pet hair, or a pile of crumbs littering my floors! Embarrassing, frustrating, and unhygienic--I needed an intervention! Who could I turn to? Who would be my saviour from filth? Along came Dyson!

Now I had of course seen the commercials featuring James Dyson, "You know the feeling when an everyday product lets you down?". I was impressed by the honest and common sense way Dyson presented their products but I was still not entirely convinced. As in Dyson's own experience my experiences with vacuums had been less than impressive--clogs, the constant loss of suction, or just complete and utter cleaning impotence! I thought perhaps the Dyson vacuum would be the latest status symbol fad soon to be forgotten or replaced by some hipper, newer, high-fangled gadget. The buzz continued however and my frustrations with my dust buster led me to a decision--I was bound and determined to put a Dyson to the test!

Initially choosing the Dyson right for my home seemed daunting but after I perused the Dyson site I realized finding the right vacuum was simple! My home is primarily hard floor--laminate--so I knew I would require an all floors model and with two shedding, walking fur balls {a cat and a massive dog} I could definitely use an Animal version! All that was left was canister versus upright, purely a personal choice I chose the canister. Done.

When my Dyson vacuum arrived for review my heart gave a flutter. Yes, it was the excitement of anticipation, the jitters of nerves! I was so eager for a positive result but still dubious. Were my expectations too high? Could I really put all my cleaning faith in one vacuum? It was like a first date! I won't keep you in suspense, the Dyson did not disappoint! I fell in Love with my Dyson!

Eager to try my Dyson immediately I pulled the vacuum and its accompanying accoutrements out of the box reverently but my husband shared my excitement and was the first to engage the Dyson in a true test of cleaning strength! It's a modern, sleekly designed gadget how could a man resist? As I stated we have very little carpet but my husband chose to vacuum our large entryway mat. This is the mat that I constantly have to shake out outdoors even after a vacuuming with the central vac. I've actually envisioned having to replace it because I can never remove all the dust and dirt embedded in its shaggy fibers. This is no longer a concern. Dyson was the fix! We took a photo of the dirt, hair, and dust in the Dyson canister pulled from the pre-shaken and pre-vacuumed mat. It was a true Aha moment! What other filth was my house harbouring? Dyson would investigate, locate, and exterminate--of that I could be sure!
Though my husband's excitement took over initially I did get my chance! I "Dyson-ed" my entire home! From floors to furnishings, cat hair mottled window seat and chair cushions, dust bunny infested corners and dusty book shelves, the Dyson encountered no limits! My heart pounded. While other vacuums left me disillusioned, Dyson had me giddy with delight.

Even my children--yes those masters of grunge and mire--were swept up in the Dyson euphoria! My son, an avid reader, actually read the manual, "Mom, you should rinse the filter in cold water every three months. Mom, when the dirt is up to the maximum line in the canister you should empty it. Mom..." Each child had to have their turn fighting the forces of un-hygienic evil and Dyson became their new found housekeeping hero...wish they felt that way about the woman behind the cleaning, good ole' mom! Because the Dyson is lightweight and very portable my kids found cleaning with the Dyson a breeze. No joke, my son actually asked if I could add vacuuming to his chore chart!

Dyson is a new member of our family. From now on my house will not be a safe harbour for dust bunnies and microns of allergens. Though my children do not suffer from allergies or asthma, no one wants to breathe-in and fill their lungs with agitants. The Dyson HEPA filter captures particles as small as 0.1 microns. That’s equivalent to a single particle of cigarette smoke. I love my Dyson and my husband isn't even jealous {in fact I think he shares the love}!

Have you been holding a Dyson debate with yourself? Debate no longer! Buy yourself a Dyson that suits your household and clean without the stress and without "losing suction"! You'll thank me for it!
Be sure to watch for the Northern Mama Dyson Vacuum giveaway in the New Year!

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  1. Oh I can't wait to see that giveaway! I am wanting a Dyson so bad right now!

  2. Oh, How exciting for you. Can't wait.

  3. I subscribed and became a fan on FB. I follow you on Twitter. I would love to win this vacuum. My current vaccume is more than 15 years old and I have been looking for a replacement but I am very particular. I rescue dogs and desert tortioses and find them new homes. I currently have 4 yorkie's and a chihuahua The Dyson DC23 looks like something that would work well in my home.