Monday, November 30, 2009 ~ Cell Phone Recycling! Cash in Your Cell Today!

As technology has been developing and upgrading at breakneck speed, even top of the line electronic and digital devices have become "disposable", obsolete overnight! These advances in technology may impress you with their new and upgraded capabilities but you would not be impressed to know their contributions to the growing problem of E-waste! Yes, one of the latest forms of environmental pollutants is the E-waste caused by your despondent, unwanted "dinosaur" computers, and your discarded, "outdated-as-of-yesterday" cell phones! Flipswap wants to raise old cell phones from their garbage dump graveyards and has found a way to free our planet from cell phone pollutants and provide you with a little cash besides! Flipswap makes trading in your cell phone for recycling or reuse simple! Visit Flipswap to determine the value of your cell phone, create your Flipswap account and start trading your old cell phones today for credit with your cell phone store, for cash, or as a donation to your favourite charity! Flipswap will put your old phones back in use or recycle the parts to create new products. Add value to what otherwise would be considered trash and know you are Helping to Reduce E-waste on Earth.

Once you have determined which phone{s} you will be sending print out a prepaid shipping label, slap it on your package and race to your nearest postal outlet--I'm not joking, Flipswap will pay the shipping! With Fast and Free Shipping you can rest assured following your environmental conscience will cost you nothing while the costs of ignoring your conscience are incalculable. Have you ever been confronted on the evening news with the images of our E-waste being shipped to developing 3rd world countries to be heaped in landfills, children picking through the toxin infested electronic parts? It's just one more example of our society putting technology before environment and humanity!

Since launching in 2005, Flipswap has facilitated the trade-in of more than 800 000 phones. In 2008 alone, Flipswap’s program kept the equivalent of 80 tons of solid waste–much of it toxic—out of landfills in the United States. Flipswap wants cell phones to live out their usefulness but those which are past use are recycled using the most eco-friendly methods available. And Canadians like myself can participate as well! Best Buy Canada offers Canadians instant store credit at 63 of their Canadian locations powered by Flipswap instore or just trade online for Best Buy gift certificates!

Trade in your cell phone today! Whether trading in your phone for reuse or recycling, whether as a donation or for cash flipswap has found a way to empty your drawers and the landfills of old cell phones and benefit you! I'm scrounging through my drawers now because Flipswap's committment to the environment goes beyond battling E-waste. You can now choose to have a tree planted in your honour in exchange for your unwanted phone through Flipswap's Releaf program! An estimated 250 000 trees have been planted in 2009 thanks to the Releaf initiative!
Visit FlipSwap now--Making our earth a little greener and putting a little green in your wallet!
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Flipswap is a paid sponsor but the review I have written is based on my honest opinions!

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  1. Cellular and wireless phone recycling prevents toxic elements and heavy metals, from building up in land-fills. Lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, beryllium, antimony and nickel can all be found in wireless phones and other electronic devices.