Monday, November 16, 2009

Geek Bliss ~ Twilight Grab Bag Reveal #17

Geek is perhaps a subjective term! Computers, Sci-fi, fantasy obsessed often is reminiscent of Geek-dom but what of the Twilight phenomenon? Vampire crazed women {and men} of all ages swarming the theatres in gray cable knit mittens, encrusted in nostalgic jewels or apple adorned key chains may be geeky but also extremely popular. Perhaps it is the spread of Geek Bliss!

Geek Bliss Bath and Body wants to spread the love of all things geeky and her quest has been furthered by the widespread appeal of the Twilight Saga! Lip balms inspired by MATRIX, PC versus MAC, and Hackers are some of the geek inspired products you can expect to find at Geek Bliss. And you can expect to find one Geek Bliss "I Kissed a Cullen...", and one "I Kissed a Werewolf..." Twilight inspired Lip Balm in a Northern Mama Twilight Giveaway Grab Bag!
All Geek Bliss balms are created in small batches, hand mixed and poured. Made with succulent oils, butter, and beeswax Geek Bliss lip balm will keep your lips soft, moist, and protected! Just as the Cullens are Sensuous, magnetic, and cool "I Kissed a Cullen..." lip balm is sweet and alluring but with the coolly blistering hint of peppermint!
Looking for something sweeter? Perhaps "I Kissed a Werewolf..." Lip balm, hot and sugary, earthy and warm-blooded is more to your taste! Feel earthy and protected by the pack as you slide this balm of brown sugar comfort and cinnamon heat across your lips!

Wow! It brings a whole new dimension to the Jacob versus Edward debate! Indecisive? You may have the opportunity to compare them both if you enter and win a Northern Mama Twilight Giveaway Grab Bag! Click HERE to Enter!

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