Monday, November 2, 2009

Get Your Kids There Safe and Sound!! LATCH

As a mom I have always been concerned about my children and their safety in vehicles but as a wife of a police officer I find my awareness of this safety issue heightened! Many times my husband has come home distraught by the sad circumstance of a motor vehicle accident fatality. These fatalities become even more depressing when children are involved. Accidents are sometimes unavoidable but securing your children properly is an essential way to keep them as safe as is humanly possible.

Sometimes parents find it confusing to decipher what is appropriate and proper safety seat information but the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and
the Ad Council want American parents to know that keeping their children safe no longer has to be so complicated! There are free resources available to help you LATCH your child!
For the latest information on LATCH tethering devices, how to videos and documents for installing car seats correctly and using the proper seat as well as where to find your nearest car seat inspection center visit the Child Passenger Safety Site and be sure to bookmark it!
The NHTSA also provides this information to parents on their Facebook Page:
Ask an actual safety expert on Twitter @ChildSeatSafety they will continue to answer any questions that parents have about child passenger safety. This is such a unique
resource from a government agency!

For Canadians please see these links for specifics regarding Canadian regulations and tips or check your provincial transportation websites!

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  1. You have been awarded!!!

  2. Ditto! Safety is a must. I am speaking on this subject tonight at my daughter's preK for home safety night. I pray it goes well. I see so many kids in boosters before they are ready but often not in seats at all.