Thursday, November 12, 2009

JosieBelle Handmade Jewelery ~ Twilight Grab Bag Reveal #6

This Giveaway keeps getting better and better doesn't it? I'm sure if I haven't already I'll lure you in with more fabulous Grab Bag reveals! You can find all these reveals under the label Twilight Grab Bag Item. Don't worry there will be a re-cap as the winners are revealed with links to all these fabulous Twilight Sites!

JosieBelle Handmade Jewelry began with a woman--who had a love for all things sparkly--making jewelry for friends and relatives as gifts. Luckily this pastime evolved into much, much more! JosieBelle Handmade Jewelry is a wonderful place to find affordable everyday jewelry and of course specialty Twilight inspired creations.

A Twilight Book Set giveaway would not be complete without a bookmark to hold your place in a story almost impossible to put down! Stacey, at JosieBelle knew a Grab Bag of Twilight goodies needed to include not only jewelry for the reader but for the books themselves.

From JosieBelle Handmade Jewelry, one lucky Northern Mama Grab Bag winner will be receiving a beautiful Twilight influenced pewter Shepherd's hook scroll work designed Lion and Lamb bookmark {$12.50US} . Inspired by the line, "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb" the symbolism of this bookmark would not be lost on a true Twilight Saga fan! Embellished with pewter renderings of a lion and lamb, and amber coloured crystals and beads reflecting the colour of Edward's mesmerizing vampire eyes this creation will bedazzle any volume of your Twilight Collection!
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