Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The 39 Clues Search for the Keys Game

If you've been a Northern Mama follower from my blogs inception, or if you've spent time perusing my archives you may have come across a 30 Clues Book Review. Scholastic conceived of a fabulous new adventure book series for young adults. Each book in the series has been written by a different highly acclaimed children's author and includes authors such as Gordon Korman, Patrick Carman, Peter Lerangis and Jude Watson to name a few. My son has now read every book in the series and is eagerly waiting with baited breath for each new release!

What's special about the 39 Clues series is the way Scholastic has packaged these books with the newly popular action card collecting craze and the online world modern children are interacting with and becoming increasingly savvy in. 39 Clues collectible cards unlock online clues and keys when you decipher codes, solve puzzles and add them to your online account. Children become part of the ongoing mystery and collect points and clues toward exciting prizes.

Now this exciting new literacy based adventure has sparked the inspiration for puzzles and a fabulous new educational board game has been created by University Games. The 39 Clues Search for the Keys Game is filled with high-flying world travel, and a dash of history and world geography this game is the perfect compliment to the 39 Clues series and provides a great learning experience for children 8+ and adults alike.

My husband and I played the game with our 39 Clues loving son Gabriel and thoroughly enjoyed the play experience. Challenging and enthralling I'd recommend this game for children 8 and up and as a parent and educator, highly recommend the 39 Clues series, cards, and online site!

The 39 Clues is education and literature at it's best and would make a great interdisciplinary classroom adventure for any language arts class, incorporating and encompassing geography, mathematics, science and language in a way that is exciting, dramatic and mysterious!

Buy the 39 Clues Search for the Keys Game today!!

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