Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Holidays!!

I'm surrounded by the glimmer of fresh snow, the trees white with hoarfrost, the holiday sparkling with the joys of my family! Living far from extended family has always made Christmas an intimate affair. In the arctic we created our own festive family of friends but the arctic has a unique way of drawing people together. Since moving south we have experienced a quiet solitary holiday season--well as quiet as one can be for a family of five. Often we enjoy the time unencumbered by family obligations and extreme festive party preparations but there are also times when we become a bit lonesome for the social gatherings and the shared camaraderie of family and dearly cherished friends. This year was filled with this dichotomy of emotion!
Despite this our children have known no other way to celebrate the season so we feel reassured by their glowing and untarnished experience of Christmas tradition.

I can honestly say it will be a blue moon of a Christmas Eve when my children actually sleep! This year Santa found it even harder than usual to journey down our chimney without being caught! Sleepless and filled with excitement my children defied their exhaustion and heavy eyes all night. We did manage however to preserve the magic of Santa and Christmas Eve, though it was by the skin of our teeth. We even caught Santa on film taking a nap by our fireplace thanks to iCaughtSanta and CatchACharacter! Santa has also become a bit senile in his old age because lo and behold he left his spectacles by our fireplace, a white glove on the floor, he tore his jacket in the fireplace doors, and a button. The reindeer dropped a bell in our doorway as they munched the celery my children left out and I had to sweep up magic snowy footprints and hoof prints from my floors! The children were thrilled and my daughter asked that she bring Santa's belongings to school before we pack them up to be mailed back to Santa!

Santa was not too old and forgetful to remember to bring just what everyone had been wishing for. He even was thoughtful enough to bring a gift that even mommy and daddy could enjoy, Rockband 2! And yes, though the kids are having fun with it mommy and daddy are addicted and are experiencing delusions of grandeur.

I have obviously taken a little time from blogging to truly share the holidays with my family. My husband actually had Christmas off work for the first time in several years so I've wanted to make the most of it. The only real low of the son broke his collar bone in a sledding mishap the second to last day of school before the holidays! After a rushed visit to the medical clinic he's felt a little incapacitated, and the likelihood is that the new hockey net Santa brought will be idle for a couple of months!


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