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human body detectives

You want to Battle the Bugs this flu season? The best way to fight the bugs is to become educated against them! Dr. Heather Manley, N.D. knows that education is the greatest weapon and she is doing something exciting and imaginative to help children arm themselves in the "Battle With The Bugs"!
Human body detectives is an adventure series of educational activity books and Audio CDs. Starring Dr. Heather's own children Merrin and Pearl, "Battle With The Bugs" is the human body detectives second motivational, high energy, thrilling adventure full of action packed discovery of the systems of the human body.

Human body systems made exciting? You may think this is less than motivating for children but you would be wrong! Dr. Heather Manley, ND 's creative and imaginative audio adventures are amazingly interest grabbing with cool music, attention grabbing high impact action adventure, cute children's voices, and language and phrases kids relate to! There is just enough adventure, "gross" internal discoveries, and humorous situations to make this a favourite for home schooled children, classroom instruction, or just plain learning activity fun!

Naturopathic doctor and mother, Dr. Heather's philosophy is a simple one, if children understand how their bodies work, they are more apt to make healthy food and lifestyle choices! As an educator I agree but often finding motivating, inspirational, and unique educational materials which support this learning are hard to find. The human body detectives series uses the mesmerizing techniques of old radio shows to produce a creative learning experience and the accompanying workbook provides interesting seat work activities utilizing codes, puzzles, riddles, stickers, and detective stories to extend the learning, test student's knowledge, and allow them to practice what they have learned. The two detective characters, young girls Merrin and Pearl, are endearing and modelled after Dr. Heather's own children--real, relatable, and cool!

In this the human body detectives' second adventure, "Battle with The Bugs", Merrin and Pearl-- sisters who have discovered how to magically enter the systems of the body--fly to Mexico for vacation. But when their little cousin Max falls sick it is up to them to solve the health mystery by going to the source, yes by entering Max's body! Can Merrin and Pearl befriend the white blood cell warriors and battle the bacteria which is causing Max's illness? Find out by listening to "Battle With The Bugs"!

My son Gabriel and daughter Emma, ages 7 and 9, found themselves listening intently to Merrin and Pearl's adventure and laughing at the humorous references to snotty green goo and the worry of being sneezed out! This rousing audio CD also includes the catchy human body detectives theme song. What I love about this resource is the way it appeals to kids and beyond the CD and fabulously comprehensive workbook, the human body detectives website also offers accompanying downloads including colouring pages, a calendar, and an evidence box! I believe the colouring sheets illustrating Merrin and Pearl's adventures would be great for students to use while listening to the CD {excellent for children who are kinesthetic learners}.

If you are an elementary school educator, a homeschooling parent, or just a parent looking for fun learning activities to fill a day indoors you will love following the adventures of the human body detectives and just in time for the holiday season the human body detectives is having a Holiday Sale! Buy a human body detectives package as a teacher gift this holiday season! Teachers always love new resources they didn't have to purchase themselves! Be sure to check out Merrin and Pearl's past adventure of the digestive system in "The Lucky Escape" and look for the human body detectives in their upcoming 2010 adventure "The Heart Pumping Adventure"!

Eager to start following the human body detectives on their fun filled learning adventures? Start your collection with "Battle with The Bugs" by winning a copy here on Northern Mama!

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  1. I learned that the series is "designed to teach kids about health by focusing on the specific body systems." That the author realized that there were not many books to teach kids about good eating habits and healthy choices and this is how this series took off.
    I Love This Concept!

  2. I think that the foundational role as mothers we need to equip our children with the tools to be healthy and happy. That means helping them see how important it is to choose the right things to put in and on our bodies. So I think these educational tools would be great

  3. When visiting the site I learned that the best key to prevention is education and information.

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  5. I like that the reason the series was created was to pomote health prevention by teacing kids how their bodies work. What a great way to help kids take a pro active approach to their health!

  6. I like that the kids actually go into the body to show how it works. It's a very cool concept.


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  8. In this day and age, what a great site and concept!! I think it's great not only getting parents to give their kids better food options, but as well, encouraging kids to make these choices themselves in a fun way!! I think kids NEED this these days!!

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