Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Musical Hand wash Timers

During a time when flus like H1N1 have invaded our unconscious and conscious minds virus fighting preventative measures become a focus of our everyday lives. And well they should! Any health professional and the CDC {Centers for Disease Control} will tell you that the easiest, most effective prevention measure is to wash ones hands regularly and for 20 seconds each time and though this is something many think of in times of pandemic and epidemics it really should be a regular part of our everyday routine at all times.
As a parent I know how difficult it can be to make sure your children are regularly and properly washing their hands. How many times have you told your children to wash their hands only to find they didn't use soap or were only gone for a matter of seconds...not long enough to decimate those nasty germs! Healthy Hands Disney Musical Hand Wash Timers are a great solution and I've experienced this first hand. My children enjoy washing their hands more than ever now that they can scrub to their favourite Disney tunes! They now know how long they should be scrubbing because when the music stops they can too and with fun flashing lights as well as music you may find hygiene has become a fun adventure rather than a hassle and a chore. Watch this hand washing video to see how easy it is!

What I absolutely love about the Disney Musical Hand Wash Timer is that it can be placed on the top of any liquid hand soap dispenser so those moms like me who enjoy having decorative washroom sets need not differ to some plastic bottle if we wish not too. Disney Hand Wash Timers are affordable and make great stocking stuffers for this holiday, cold and flu season! Choose from the Cars Lightening McQueen "Real Gone" Hand Wash Timer or the Little Mermaid Timer featuring Ariel and the song "Under the Sea". Hand washing saves lives and for only $3.99 making hand washing fun is easy and affordable...besides who can afford not too!

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