Friday, December 4, 2009

Selling Out?

Well, maybe I'm a sell out or maybe it's just good business practice! Many of my regular readers may be wondering, "What's with San Diego Toyota dealerships and why would Northern Mama think I need an Immigration attorney?" I know these ads seem strange additions to my usual mommy and natural living posts. Perhaps I've sold out but I realized that now and then a little extra cash can really go a long way. I mean paid advertising is kind of the backbone of media survival right?

Okay, maybe I am selling out and making excuses for my weaknesses. I have turned down paid ads in the past and will continue to do so when I felt they were inappropriate or represent clients of ill repute but why turn down a pay cheque from a reputable company? Be assured I will not stop my regular posts, nor will they be the norm, and these advertising posts will never interfere with my usual ramblings you've grown to love....don't hate me because I through in a post or two about mobile connection management {whatever the heck that is?!}

Just know that I will always continue to be completely honest about whether something is a paid advertisment, or a review based on a product I have received! Yes, full disclosure is my motto and if you ever have questions or concerns be sure to ask:) I'm still just me folks and my blog will always strive to represent that!

~Okay you caught me I was paid to add a text link to this post! You can hate me now:(
Full disclosure, right? LOL~ oh is the print small enough lol?

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  1. Your site is great Angela! You should be proud that places want to advertise on here!

  2. Why not get paid for something you do? I also have paid ads on my blog - I just do my best to make sure they're products I can endorse or are at the very least relevant to my content.
    It will never make us rich but a few extra dollars here and there is a small reward for all the work that goes into a blog :)

  3. that was a pretty impressive usage of the mobile connection management link in your post! lol

  4. Thanks ladies:) I suppose writing about things I wouldn't normally just makes me feel a bit inauthentic but I feel I owe it to my kids and hubby too to make a little money on this endevour that often takes time away from them.

    Thanks shannon lol! Kind of a cheater way to use the link I know but heck, how the hell do you use it "organically" in a regular post LOL;)

  5. Shannon is right, smooth incorporation of the the link into your blog. Getting paid to do what you love? There's no harm in that!