Friday, December 4, 2009

Smith Micro Software

Smith Micro Software is a leading computer security and technology company. Smith Micro launched its CheckIt Diagnostics 8 for Windows security software December 1st as well as its more economical netbook software StuffIt Deluxe 2010 this past November. Smith Micro provides mobile connection management software products and services including a line of PC and MAC products for business as well as home markets!

Mobile operators can take advantage of Smith Micro Software's advances in breaking down the barriers restricting the freedom and mobility of their subscribers. Smith Micro's Quicklink mobile is a customizable, cross-platform, and multi-mode mobile connection manager.
Critical to enterprises and their mobile security worldwide mobile connection management has become a complex issue worldwide. The dilemma, the need to offer employees secure and pervasive access to important business related information without worry. IT administrators now meet the challenge. Quicklink mobile and the Quicklink mobile server is a leading solution
for connection managers!

Offering mobile connectivity and security is not all for which Smith Micro Software is known. Graphics and Utilities Software products including Anime Studio 6 and Poser 8 are also among Smith Micro's many software offerings. Smith Micro--unique features, affordable prices!

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