Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wii EA Play- Littlest Pet Shop

Hasbro started a collectible craze when they designed the adorable Littlest Pet Shop characters. It was as though they had read my youngest daughter's mind when they created them. My daughter Bronwynn is the greatest animals fan I know and no animal is exempt from her love and affection {though she may prefer to adore snakes from a slight distance!}

Bronwynn is not only an animal lover however but a young video game connoisseur. EA Play has produced a Wii game ideal from Bronwynn's encompassing interests. The Wii Littlest Pet Shop Friends game allows children to select their favourite pets as they plan and look for party surprises while planning the party of the year! The adventure builds as they navigate through the new Little Pet Shops town.
Adorable graphics and new fun mini-games and pet accessorizing appeals to young children my girls 5 and 7 were especially enamoured by this game. A directional arrow guides your pet to tasks to make it easier to complete their planning goals.

My pre-literate 5 year old uses the arrows as a way of compensating when she cannot read the instructions on her own for the latest task. She loves this but I think she enjoys the interactive play experience of Littlest Pet Shops Friends more with us and her older siblings there to read the animals' conversations to her. Exciting elements of the game include: playing games to collect Kibble coins used to buy new accessories to customize the styles of your pets, inviting pets to the big pet shop party you are eagerly preparing and planning throughout the game and the multi-player game modes which allow a friend to join in the fun and activity!
Bronwynn and Emma's favorite part is collecting flowers, crystals and tennis balls as they romp around the town and the fun baking activities (much cleaner than the real thing!).

Available for the Nintendo DS and the Wii Littlest Pet Shop Friends can be enjoyed at home or on the go!

EA Play and Wii are pushing play and with the Littlest Pet Shop Friends they are also pushing cute--my daughters love that!

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