Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hopscotch Tees ~ Personalized Fun!

Recall the carefree childhood joys of hopscotch? Chalk scraped across driveways to create patterns of connecting boxes, a tossed pebble skidding across the tarmac, the sheer delight of jumping--first balanced on one leg then two. Hopscotch Tees captures the essence of this childhood game, fun, delight, and self assured joy!

Uniquely personalized Hopscotch Tees adorably cute designs are a perfect way for your child’s personality to shine through. Because each tee is individually created you can request virtually anything!

My beautiful 7 year old daughter who is recently discovering the womanly world of “shopping” loves her new Hopscotch Tee featuring rhinestone bedazzled shoes, just enough pink to satisfy, and the words “Emma Shoe Girl shopping Yellowknife since 2002”! Yes, not only are Hopscotch Tees adorable they are also a keepsake complete with your child’s birth place and year of birth presented with subtle panache!

Packaged beautifully and complete with a surprise lollipop treat for your little one when you request gift-wrapping owner/creator Shana Perrina has thought of every last detail! It is this attention to detail, this knowledge of the delights of children that makes Hopscotch Tees special. Made from soft cotton American Apparel shirts Hopscotch Tees are quality garments. The washing instructions are displayed on an enclosed card enabling you to keep your child’s tee looking it’s best for years to come.

For my daughter the reminder of where she comes from is something I can’t even begin to apply a price to and you will find each design choice at Hopscotch Tees truly precious and delightful--so delightful in fact you may want one in your size, which can also be arranged! Hopscotch is a new business started by a Seattle mommy of two, a mommy who knows how meaningful customized gifts can be! Give a brilliant gift unlike any other!
Mention Northern Mama when you order and you will receive Free Crystals on your Tees and Free Gift Wrapping for your order!
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