Friday, January 8, 2010

Now we are Two ~ Warm Welcome to a New Northern Mama!

Many of you may have noticed a few subtle tweeks here at Northern Mama! I have decided that 2010 called for a little spicing up and Northern Mama is welcoming another Northern Mama to the mix! I love to share and being alone in this blogging endeavour has been, well frankly, sometimes lonely. I also know I have a perspective that sometimes varies with the norm and I thought wouldn't it be fantastic to introduce another perspective, another opinion, another vision to Northern Mama appealing to an even broader audience?

Am I right?

I did not wish to work with just anyone. Nichole is a very close friend but she is also a woman whom--though we differ sometimes in opinion--I respect, trust, and admire! I had to for obvious reasons choose someone who also has a true understanding of the north through her own personal experiences--another Northern Mama in her own right. Nichole will soon be sharing reviews and her personal experiences with all of you!

I do not wish to ramble on with Nichole's bio. I want her to have the opportunity to introduce herself to you, but I did want to welcome her warmly to the Northern Mama "team" and I hope you, as followers, will relish the experience of gaining two unique perspectives on one eclectic site!
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  1. Welcome Nichole! I look forward to reading your reviews.

  2. Aw, that's exciting!
    Would want to read her reviews too.