Saturday, February 6, 2010

Be Creative with Fashion Angels Fashion Design Studio from Growing Tree Toys!

Fashion is a creative endeavour! Art with function, a means of expression which is wearable. The true appeal of design and fashion has become a trend with younger and younger girls. My girls, ages 5 and 7, are fashion ingénues. Pairing pink fun fur vests with velvety skirts or flower patched jeans, accessorizing with satin flats and woven handbags of recycled candy wrappers, it is the creativity, the artistry which makes fashion fun and expressive.

Growing Tree Toys knows children grow with their toys, that they require toys that inspire creativity, learning, and development which are age appropriate and have modern appeal. I chose the Fashion Angels Fashion Design Studio Set for review believing it would be perfect for my eldest daughter Emma. Emma is a crafty kid! She loves creating and I am always looking for new materials and ideas to inspire her and keep her creations fresh and exciting. Fashion Angels Fashion Design Studio is a kit with a variety of tools for design adventure: textured plates for rubbings, 24 colored pencils and 24 markers, a pad of model silouhette templates, pads of shoe and purse templates, tracing paper, newsprint, a swatch book for fabrics, colour theory guide and style guide all in a fabulous solid magnetic closure folder.
Fashion Angels allows you to design like a pro!

This designing toy is suggested for children 8 and up. My daughter is 7 and enjoyed using everything in this crafty kit but I think a little more maturity would have resulted in even more creative uses of the templates and design tools. As it is this kit provides fun for any child who has an artsy side though I think it is best reserved for children old enough to draw more independently. The rubbings and some tracing can be simple to use but utilizing the style guide may require more developed skill. Fashion Angels admittedly has been a fun activity for my daughters and I to work on together. Being artsy and creative myself it has been a pleasure helping them select style elements, sketching out dresses, and pant suits, and piecing together the accessories to design the perfect ensembles!

Looking for the perfect gift for a creative young girl you treasure? Fashion Angels Fashion Design Studio Set is a fabulous choice and can be found along with other great educational toys for all ages online at Growing Tree Toys.
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