Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gary Unmarried: The Complete First Season Now on DVD!

As I inserted the first disk of Gary Unmarried: The Complete First Season on a bitter, snowy day and huddled blanketed upon my couch I was skeptical. Having never seen the show prior to receiving this DVD set I had the vague impression that this would be a show far more appealing to beer guzzling, belch respecting men. It wasn’t at all Neanderthal but rather clever and sharp, shot through with witty, biting humour for both sexes.

My husband and I both found ourselves chortling and at times laughing hysterically. I’m sure most divorced couples could take a page from Gary and Allison who, though they obviously have irreconcilable differences and often loath each other when all is said and done put their children first and continue a relationship which though contentious is amicable enough.

Jay Mohr plays Gary Brooks an uncomplicated guy newly divorced and experiencing single parenting, dating, and his ex-wife’s zingers! While Gary dips his toe into the dating pool after years of marriage his ex-wife throws him a curve by revealing she skipped the toe dipping and is diving in full force! Also starring the zany Ed Begley Jr. this 20 episode, 3 disc compilation is brimming with hilarious one-liners, insults and come backs but never understates the importance of family connections. With all Gary’s bravado he is still just a divorce father trying to muddle through his new life experience.

Gary Unmarried: The Complete First Season bonus features include: Bloopers and deleted scenes, a day on the set with star Jay Mohr, and an all-access tour of Gary Unmarried. Also included in the features is Ed Begley Jr.’s “Planet Begley”! If you know Ed Begley you will remember he is an eco-friendly expert. Now he is using his expertise to make-over the Gary Unmarried set!

Looking for laughter on a cold winter’s day? I recommend Gary Unmarried The complete First Season, released by Disney Home Entertainment February 9th, available now!

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