Friday, February 5, 2010

Let's Explore! Dora's Greatest Adventures!

Once again Dora’s adventurous spirit soars through 8 of her greatest adventures! Children are led through exploration: rescuing baby Jaguar and a lost baby fox, helping map survive the mistakes of a crazy bird, playing a little hide and go seek and salvaging her music class homework, and even helping lost space creatures journey home!

My daughter has watched Dora the Explorer for years now and yet it continues to hold her interest and inspire participation in problem solving and critical thinking. A show that once taught her basic skills now builds her confidence in her existing knowledge base! Created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home entertainment Dora the Explorer: Let’s Explore! Dora’s Greatest Adventures was released February 2nd and includes a special feature “Explore Dora’s World!” Game allowing children to explore along side Dora in a far more interactive way.

Dora’s greatest adventures include:
Lost Map ~ A goofy bird mistakes map for a stick and flies off with him. Can Dora save map from the clutches of this crazy avian?

Hide and Go Seek ~ Find Dora’s hide and seek saavy friends. Can you help Dora find her camaflouged friends in the amazing diversity of the rain Forest?

Journey In the Purple Planet ~ Dora explores beyond planet earth! Travel outerspace and with Dora bring lost space creatures home to the Purple Planet!

Rescue Rescue ~ Dora takes a page from Diego to save Baby Jaguar and many of her other dear friends, Isa, and Benny.

Boots to the Rescue 412 ~ Boots to the rescue in this homework emergency. Dora leaves her music homework in Boot’s room but she needs it for her solo. Can Boots make it to school in time?

Star Catching ~ Abuela gives Dora a special Star pocket to catch explorer stars! Will Swiper’s plans be foiled after he swipes the star catcher or will Dora’s star catching days be over?

Star Mountain ~ Swiper steals Dora’s favourite necklace and Dora must reach the peak of Star mountain to retrieve it! The stars help along the way.

Swiper the Explorer Fox ~ Wow a new twist! Swiper actually offers his help when a baby fox loses his mommy and must get back home to her. Even a nemesis can have a heart!

Probably the most jam packed Dora DVD I’ve encountered! This 198 minute DVD Dora the Explorer: Let's Explore! Dora's Greatest Adventures is a great snow day fill in for young Dora fans!

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  1. my girls love Dora...I think it is a great teaching tool for them. It is like the sesame street of old but more up dated.

    Our 2 yr old has learned to count to 5 in spanish and english :)