Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday!

Photo from CTV news --TORSTEN SILZ/Getty Images

I have become glued to my television the last week and a half as I live vicariously through the great Canadian athletes which continue daily to make a nation cheer, laugh, cry, and spontaneously break into song! Never have I heard such spontaneous outbursts of our national anthem, never have I encountered such intense national fervor. As stereotype dictates we are proud of our country but often with a passive, laid back, nonchalance. This humility should never be mistaken for indifference nor ingratitude and perhaps now this inner pride we often hold so close to our chest has now been unleashed, put on display for the rest of the world!

Many Canadians may view our win against Russia in men’s hockey a highlight of the day….not to downplay the immense excitement around this game of historic rivals let’s forget the men! Men may dominate the world of professional sport but in the Olympic realm it is the Canadian women who are reign supreme. In the Turin Olympics Canada brought home 24 medals, 16 of which were won by Canadian women!

My source of pride today, the cause for this wonderful Wednesday, are the amazing and admirable Canadian women athletes who set model examples. Winning 4 medals today--gold, 2 silver, and a bronze--they are proving themselves a force to be reckoned with! These women are not heroes merely because they are Olympic medalists but rather due to their overall strength of character.

Congratulations Ladies!!

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  1. I'm from the US but want to say Well Done Canada!!

    And add Joannie Rochette to the list of fabulous Canadian women athletes. Her performance was one of the most incredibly moving and poignant moments in Olympic history--just incredible!