Monday, March 8, 2010

Olivia Takes Ballet

As a book fanatic I can’t help but be thrilled when favourite children’s books are developed into movies and television shows. My daughters have loves author Ian Falconer’s dynamic 6 and three quarter year old Olivia since their introduction to the books so to see this adorable pig dance into their hearts all over again from a television screen is delightful!

Released on DVD March 2nd Olivia Takes Ballet will warm the hearts of your daughters and encourage them to take a bite out of life, challenge themselves and live with spunk and gusto just like Olivia. Olivia’s confidence and positive energy inspires children to think boldly and follow their dreams!

Eye popping animation and a character so infectious makes Olivia truly educational and endearing entertainment. Adventure with Olivia through four double episodes!

Olivia knows she can learn to dance as well as any ballerina if only she can find the perfect partner. Could her football playing uncle handle the part? A pas de deux which is unforgettable and surprisingly graceful! When a duck and her ducklings follow Olivia and Ian home household mayhem makes keeping them a secret from mom and dad a bit challenging!

Join Olivia in three other new-to-DVD adventures: Olivia Runs a carnival /Olivia Explores the Attic, Olivia and the Anniversary Surprise/Olivia the Pet monitor and Olivia Goes Camping/Olivia Becomes a Vet. This DVD also includes Olivia’s Fashion Show featurette! My spirited daughters feel a definite affinity to Olivia and I’m sure yours will too!

Purchase Olivia Takes Ballet now on DVD!!

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  1. Both my kids love Olivia. I never knew that they have Olivia DVD's now, too!