Monday, March 1, 2010

Southland Season Premier March 2nd

As a police family one of our prefered television genres is of course the "cop Drama"! Over the years the television viewing audience has been innundated with police drama. Some portrayals are hard hitting and gritty, some professional and sleek, Southland has a way of combining these images into a cohesion that may just be representative of the reality in a city like LA!

Now I could critque the realism of this show or any other police drama endlessly but the point is entertainment reflects reality but it is also a fictional story requiring a level of excitement which reality only occassionaly offers. The characters Southland presents span a gamet from professional and politically correct to rough and offensive, from green and naive to experienced and jaded. Viewers of Southland will get a taste of good police work and the less than stellar!

From the makers of ER, Southland's second season premiers Tuesday March 2, 2010 on TNT! I got a sneak peek screener and here's a Season Preview for you!

Lydia struggles with being assigned a new partner as her partner struggles to rehibilitate himself from a gunshot. Partnerships are strong and Lydia refuses to believe her partner may not return! Officer John Cooper, 20 year veteran of the force, continues to train rookie officer Ben Sherman. Cooper is jaded and tough, and perhaps rough around the edges but he cares about officer safety and is quick to point out Sherman's errors though I believe deep down he knows Sherman has the makings of a truly gifted peace officer! Sherman represents the new look of the force, aware and conscious, serious and professional, with an underlying compassion that softens the blow of his necessary toughness.
The LA police continue to fight gang violence with a vengance and Lydia works to find a missing elderly man in this intense season premier. Raw, gripping drama you won't want to miss, Southland tomorrow night 10:00 Eastern/9:00 Central!

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  1. I love this show. I am so happy it is back for a 2nd season